Saturday, July 09, 2011

introducing flower girl number 2...

...our gorgeous niece Tamzyn!!!

At our engagement party, we decided to give Tamzyn her flower girl book, because it meant we could do it together. Miss Tamzyn is turning 1 on the 22nd of this month (she's about 5 weeks older then our page boy, Aiden) and will be 2 by the time our wedding rolls around. Tamzyn is the youngest daughter of Graham's older brother, Garth, and his wife, Kimmy. As you can see, I think Kimmy was more excited! (as we expected hehe - this was so more for the mums at this stage!)

I believe this was the point I pointed out "Aunty Amanda" being the bride hehe

So now all our youngest members have their special gifts, I suppose I need to poke the future hubby into asking his groomsmen! He still feels that it is too soon but that doesn't mean I can't start working on something cool for them....right?

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  1. Very true!! I did something fun when asking all my girls and when asking the ring bearers. Groomzilla didn't want me to do something fun for the guys..He just wanted to say "Hey will you be in my weeding? Yea..ok cool" typical guy!


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