Friday, July 22, 2011

a few favourite cards...and an initiation!

I've been a bad blogger lately, I know. I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things, now that the engagement party is over. I have so many saved pictures, websites and ideas that I don't know where to start, to get back on the blogging train! I think I am going to try and spend this weekend sifting through all the the wonderful inspiration I have saved, and get a clear picture back in my head, then get back on the horse. So to speak.

But for now, I thought I would share a couple of things. First of all, we got some AMAZING cards for our engagement party (we are currently in the process of attempting to display them for a while!) and I thought I would share 3 in particular that stood out.

The Magazine Style:
This AWESOME card (which is going to be framed, I love it that much!) came from the gorgeous Miss Laina (I've previously mentioned her and her lovely Soy candles and melts!) and her boyfriend. Although we all know it was Laina's idea. Hehe. I LOVE this card, I think it has to be the *coolest* one we received:

The Future Mr and Mrs:
This card came from my gorgeous sister-in-law and bridesmaid, Justyna, and my brother, Chris. Again, we all know it would have been Juzzie to pick it out! It's from one of my previously mentioned favourite stores, Typo, and it's just so, so cute! As soon as I saw it, I knew immediately I wanted to use it to make something cool...thus, a gorgeous frame with a couple of engagement pics became the newest decor addition to our living room!

And lastly, the gorgeously sentimental Handmade Card:
This card came from my extremely talented, artsy MoH and her boyfriend. In our group of friends, we never buy cards for engagements or weddings anymore - we get Miss Annie to make them for us. I wish I had photos of all the amazing ones she has made so far (including a gorgeous engagement one for friends of ours earlier this year!) but I'll just have to share the wonderful pics of ours.

The hand drawn picture is, of course, my MoH's version of this picture from the day we got engaged!!!

Finally, my lovely SILs-to-be surprised and spoiled me for my birthday this year, with an initiation into the family - these lovely ladies have all have sister rings, since the future hubby's SIL joined the family approx. 7 years ago (officially anyway - she'd been a part of the family for much long then that (she and the FH's brother have dated since school!) but I believe they all got rings after the wedding). Well for my birthday this year, they bought me one as a way of "officially" becoming their sister :) Mine is a little different to theirs, as they all wear gold and I wear silver, but I love it and thought it was a beautiful idea. I think a picture of all our rings together is in order, but for now, here's my ring.

Tell me, did your family-in-law "initiate" you in any way? xx


  1. Aww you have some pretty amazing and creative friends. Also love the sister ring, that must have touched you!!!

  2. WOw your friends are awesome...I need to get myself some of those...hahaha :-) Wonderful and thoughtful presents...I love the magazine card!

  3. I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends and family around me :) Love them all to pieces!!! And yes, the sister ring was the sweetest thing, got a bit teared up hehe

  4. These are all really awesome and I love the way you displayed them in a frame.


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