Sunday, July 24, 2011

bits and pieces, here and there

Ok. So while I haven't been blogging much about wedding stuff, that's not to say that I haven't been working on some! Over the last 2 weeks I've ordered 1 of what I hope will be part of my bridesmaids gifts (I REALLY wish I could post about it, I'm dying for it to come in the mail but alas, MoH reads this and I don't want to spoil the surprise!). I ordered 1 before I order 5, to check out whether it is going to work or not. Hopefully so, then I will place an order soon for the 5!!! (Plus two *sorta* similar for the flower girls) I also inquired about ANOTHER part of the bridemaids gifts (which I know are going to be beautiful) to see if I can get them in the colours I want, then I shall be ordering THOSE.

So many things I can't talk about on here yet! But one thing I CAN show you is the personalised stamp I ordered to use on our thank you envelopes. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and I'm hoping it arrives by the time I've finished printing off and writing on our Thank You's for our engagement party. Here's the stock picture from the Etsy site:

I think it's funky and interesting. I love it :)

What else have I been doing that's wedding-related? Well talking. A lot actually. The future hubby and I have been having some good old chats lately, about a lot of things - wedding related, marriage related, baby related, finance related. It's been really, really great and it's good to know that we are on the same page with most things, at this time in our life. And it's good to know that our visions of what we want from our lives seem to be threading together very nicely :) Can't wait to start our "official" lives together...

We also stopped in at a men's store the other day, while out shopping, and had a look at a few suits...I have a better idea of what the future hubby has in mind for his groomsmen now! Although he is still tossing around with a few ideas - whether to have everyone matching, alternating lighter/darker grey or having himself in one tone of grey and his men in another. It will be so much fun to put all of that together, with the girls colours as well! Can't wait!!

It seems like the next item on our agenda, to tick off our list, is finding a minister to perform our ceremony. Luckily for us, one of my lovely bridesmaids was married by a retired priest, who married them outside. She's going to see if she can find his details, and hopefully we can have a chat with him about our marriage in our little chapel!!!

I'm currently working on our Thank You's tonight, and will post up a picture once the future hubby has given his approval of the design...for now, I'll leave you with a picture of some of the kitchen bits and bobs we picked up on our spending spree today, with some of the gift cards we were given for our party! Thanks to some wonderful friends, we have been able to replace a few things that needed replacing but we just hadn't gotten around to, as well as to pick up some new things...and we have much more in mind to grab!!!

Til next time! xx

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  1. I really love that stamp..its adorable. I love the writing. Good that you and future hubby are getting all the tough chats out of the way..sooo good that you are both on the same page!


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