Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I'm so excited, for the first time in my adult life I won something! Something I'm quite excited about, because I had planned to purchase these for my wedding day...

Thanks to Shardi at The Blushing Bride and Your Happily Ever After, I won these awesome shoe stickers for my wedding day!

I've been planning to get a set of these since the first time I saw them floating around in Wedding Blog Land, and now I'm lucky enough to have won my own pretty pair!

I've had various items from Your Happily Ever After saved in my Etsy favourites for some time, including this Groom's kit that I'd like to get the future hubby - possibly with some purple stones in the cufflinks?

If you are planning a wedding and haven't yet had a peek at Your Happily Ever After, definitely do so! Some great stuff! I'd also highly recommend Shardi's The Blushing Bride as your newest addition to your blog - great reading, beautiful inspiration boards!

[all photos sourced from Your Happily Ever After]


  1. Congrats! I'm actually having the same giceaway on my blog right now! It's different though. Instead of Team Bride, I have Me Too for the grooms shoes!

    I found you through Saying I Do! Can't wait to see the stickers in action!

  2. HI Miss Tattoo!! A fellow Sept. '12 bride!! Ooooh yes I want to get some of those groom's one! They are great! :)

  3. Congratulations!! It's so cool when you win something you really wanted!!

  4. congratulations!! winning stuff is def. awesome...I was looking at these exact.same. stickers for my wedding and for some reason I didn't buy them...but I sooooooooo regret that now. There's one picture of me with my feet up in the bridal suite and it would have been absolutely perfect if I had these stickers on my shoes....I'm so glad you won these and I can't wait to see them on your shoes for your wedding day!


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