Monday, October 31, 2011

30 years and counting...

Wishing my gorgeous parents a very happy 30th Wedding Anniversary - Yep, they were married on Halloween in 1981. They danced to Monster Mash at their wedding, and I think that's fabulous! I can only hope that one day our marriage is as strong as theirs!

[I just realised I don't have a wedding photo for my parents on my computer yet! Must address this!]

Love you Mum and Dad! -xox-


  1. My grandparents celebrated their 52nd yesterday, and my great-grandparents would have celebrated 78 (I think). They shared anniversaries, which I think is sweet.

    Congrats to your parents!

  2. Oooh that is so sweet! I love that they share an much meaning in one day :)

    And thank you xx

  3. Happy 30 years to your parents! What a wonderful milestone!!!

  4. awwww so cute..30 years is a long wonderful!

  5. It's even longer for them - they have been married for 30 years but together since they were about 13 years old...crazy!!! :)


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