Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bridesmaids dresses!

As promised, today's post is all about my lovely bridesmaids and what it looks like they will be wearing on the wedding day!! In advance, I apologise for the long post! Feel free to just look at the pretty pictures if you like :)

Previous posts have discussed our initial colour scheme ideas and showed a few pictures of bridesmaid colours I had liked, without really focusing on the actual dresses. It also touched on the idea of adding lavender into the original colour scheme of light grey, blush and ivory.

But before we reached this colour scheme, I had ideas in my head of long, green dresses. Yep, green. No particular reason why, our home is filled with soft greens so I suppose it was a natural progression from that. I also thought the roses would pop against the green!

These are two of the original pictures I saved, more for the colour then for the dress:

I definitely always had a pretty, flowy dress concept in mind - very romantic and soft. Before we established some colour ideas, here's a few pictures I saved. As you can see, I was leaning towards a longer dress...

After we found our starter colour scheme, I was leaning more towards the blush colouor of dresses, but I did find that a lot of dresses were a little too pink for what I had in mind:



I DID manage to find this little number in my lunch break one day and it was a great little bargain at only $80...but end of stock items so it was unlikely that we would be able to get all the sizes we need.

Ok. So that quickly catches you up to wear my head was at with regards to the dresses before the girls and I went shopping over the weekend. Taking a break between bridal boutiques, we headed over to my FAVOURITE store (I would happily have this whole store as my wardrobe, seriously), Forever New. I had headed over here with the girls, with the idea of them trying on this gorgeous maxi dress. I love the colours but didn't really know if it was too much for bridesmaid dresses...but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to try!!!

I apologise for the bad pictures but unfortunately there is no particular of this dress on the website. These were taken in store on my phone one lunch break.

Early on I decided that I would probably prefer to buy the girls dresses from a regular clothing store, rather then a bridal store - they are cheaper and prettier, and it's much more likely that the girls can wear them again!

Anyway, while we were in Forever New, I basically gave the girls free rein to pull anything and try anything on that they liked and thought might work well. Some of the dresses the girls pulled or thought about included:

This included the lovely Miss Romana pulling a dress which I had previously looked at (especially since it came in two of the colours for the wedding - Soft Blush and Lavender Shimmer!) but didn't really feel on the hanger.

WELL. When Ro walked out in the dress, I immediately loved it. It looked so much more delicate on then it did on the hanger, where the top of it looked somewhat 'clunky' (for lack of a better term!). It was flowy, came in the perfect colours and I loved the shoulder detail!

So, without further ado, let me show you what it looks like the ladies will be wearing at the wedding! (Pending two ladies getting a chance to try on their sizes/colours). At this stage, the blondies in the group will be wearing lavender, and the dark haired beauties will be dressed in the blush. Unfortunately, due to the amount of people in the change rooms, I didn't get to snap any pictures of the girls in the dresses. My mum managed to sneak just one of my lovely MoH (although in the opposite colour to what she will be wearing and she will probably hate me for sharing the picture hehe). The other two pictures have been sourced from the internet, as again these dresses aren't on the Forever New website (I swear that the two dresses I wanted pictures of are the only two who aren't!). I love the length, I think it actually looks better on the ladies then the longer dresses and I'm excited to see how they look all accessorised :) I'd love to hear what you think!

02/09/2011 EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's a prettier picture I took in the store on my lunch break yesterday! I love how pretty the two colours look together :) Wish I had pictures of the girls in them! Once they get them all, I will definitely put some up :)


  1. I really, really like those! Great call

  2. Very pretty dresses, they ar very feminine and your gals could probably wear them again! Great choice!

  3. they are SO pretty & romantic! You have the luckiest bridesmaids on the block :-) I would wear the blush or lavender to so many events though out the year- they're going to look stunning all together on your wedding day! Hope it works out for the other girls to get their size.

  4. Wow, they are all so SO pretty, I don't know how you could decide! Honestly, I like the lavender colored one at the end... But they're all so good!

  5. Like you I LOVE Forever New and could easily wear every single thing in their store :) I love your choice in dresses. So beautiful! Can I ask what the shop was called where you took the photo on your lunch break? I am after blush dresses too.


  6. Hi Brooke! They are from Forever New, however they no longer stock it in the blush colour, I think they only stock it in coral now. I saw some blush dresses the other day though but can't remember the store name. I guess you are in Australia? I'll get the name of the store for you :)


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