Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a busy wedding week

I promise a more exciting post with pretty pictures soon, but I thought I would share some of the exciting things going on for us this week!!!

Tomorrow we have our first meeting with the Reverend we are hoping will perform our wedding ceremony! After the dramas of trying to locate our birth certificates (despite me bugging him for 2 weeks the future hubby left it until today to pick his up from his Dad's... Of course it's not there... Lucky as I am writing this (at 1am) his Mum just messaged as to say she found it!), we are now organized and ready to go in the morning. I'm nervous! I have this irrational concept of someone turning around and saying nope, you guys aren't actually fit to be married. Anyone else feel silly like that?!

Also in wedding news, I walked into a few bridal boutiques today and booked in some appointments for Sunday! Yep, we are finally officially going dress shopping. This. Feels. Weird. Honestly, I'm not actually excited. Is that weird? I kind of feel like everything until now (despite having paid for things!) has just been day dreaming, and because I've mostly been talking about it on here there's been no one to mock me! However I feel like when I go to try on a dress people are going to ask me what the hell I'm doing! Like I'm a little kid trying on Mum's clothes.... I almost feel like I'm going along and it's actually for one of the other girls... Not for me!!! I think I'm going to feel so silly trying on the first gown!!!

I'm counting on that feeling going away though, and look forward to blogging about the experience. Tell me though - Do/Did any of you guys experience similar feelings before you first tried on dresses? Or were you just excited?

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