Tuesday, August 16, 2011

wedding day nails

I've had two wedding deliveries over the last few days that I can't show you until after the wedding... That = :(

However, one arrived today that I CAN share! That = :)

I had been toying with the idea of a pale, pretty blue colour nail polish for my toe nails come wedding day. I like the idea of random little "something blue" moments. Well, thanks to a nail polish post from the lovely Rorie over at Imperfect Obsession (check out her blog, great reading!) I discovered the Essie wedding polishes! A quick trip to my local Myer ended in disappointment, since they had hardly any of them, but a quick eBay search provided me with this little beauty:

It arrived today and has inside a mini version for 4 of the wedding polishes. Including the perfect pale shade of blue, "Borrowed and Blue". So excited, can't wait to test run it to see how it looks on my nails. Of course, now I want all of the pretty wedding related polishes because...well, just because!!!

Has anyone else hopped on the bridal nail polish train? What great buys have you had?

PS: So excited to realise I have 20 followers!! Small number for other people, VERY exciting for me! Welcome everyone who's new and following, I hope I don't bore you too much!!! xxx


  1. Essie's awesome. Did I say that here already??

  2. those are so cute! Great colors!!

    Congrats on 20 followers- you'll be surprised how quickly they can add up over time!!


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