Sunday, September 11, 2011

where I've been...

...and why I might be MIA for a while!

Currently, the future hubby and I are packing up our house. Yep, our whole house. All to go into storage. It seems like a sudden decision, but at the same time it seems like something that's been coming for a while...

The future hubby and I are currently renting. I hate it. I hate that my money is going to someone else's mortgage, I hate that our home is not our own, and I hate that we have no control over our own place (and most importantly, how I'm allowed to decorate it!)

And while our place has been fine for the last 2 years, it has always felt small and lately it just seems to have been feeling squishier and squishier...We finally decided to try and apply for some new places. We put in some applications and started thinking about packing. And then, literally the day after putting in our first applications, we completely did a 360 turn. We decided that we don't want our dream of owning our home to be something that is in the future, we want to bring it into our present. But unfortunately, we are just not physically going to be able to save up enough money to buy our place, while we are renting.

SO. We made a decision. We spoke to my parents. And now, the future hubby and I are on the brink of returning to almost responsibility free, young adulthood. Yep, we're moving in with the parents!

After talking about it, it seems like the only logical thing to do. We plan to live with my parents for 6 - 9 months (paying them board of course!), save up our money, pay off our debts and start our wedded life together (hopefully. Otherwise just AFTER our wedding) in our own home. Ready to start a family, and all in all a much better start to our life together. We're very excited. But first comes the packing. And the living in a room for 6 - 9 months....

...but the sacrifice will be worth it!

As such however, I might be MIA or posting rather inconsistently while all of this change is taking place. I have so many ideas for so many posts, but everything is a bit on top of us at the moment!

BUT one thing at a time, once we're settled in at Mum and Dad's, I should actually have more time to post - which will be brilliant!

So please excuse the absence, I'll be back to more regular posts soon!

(and in case anyone was wondering...we got approved for a bigger, prettier house. :( Makes it that much harder to give up!)


  1. Good Luck with everything and you are right the sacrifice will be worth it for all the money you will be saving!

  2. All the best with your move and saving for your new home :)

  3. Thanks so much guys!!! I just wish time would speed up a little so we're already there, settled and saving... (although not TOO much because I still have so much wedding planning!)


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