Friday, September 23, 2011

shoes, shoes, shoes...

Since purple has become a definite colour in our wedding, I have fallen in love with the idea of having a pop of purple under my dress on our wedding day, in the form of my shoes!!! I've noticed a lot of people tend to go with blue (as in their "something blue") when picking coloured shoes, but purple seems to be a close second! (along with pink and red!) I've seen a lot of cute shots with coloured shoes, but this one definitely gets me:

I would love something like that with purple shoes!!

Since 3/5 bridesmaids and both flower girls will be wearing blush, and only 2 bridesmaids will be wearing lavender, I feel like I can use purple a little more liberally without the whole wedding becoming entirely purple. It's turning out to be fun! When I decided I wanted purple wedding shoes, I turned to the faithful internet to search for some options... far I have found both a pair of purple flats AND a pair of purple heels that I really like, for brand new on eBay! What do you guys think??

I'm very tempted to buy these ...


Both of these shoes did tempt me towards the more traditional colour scheme...Particularly the heels! I do really love them...but I do really want some colour!!

From Peep Toe Shoes (this shot really doesn't do them justice...the bow on front is SO cute!)

From ever-faithful Forever New

And speaking of Forever New... (although not shoes)


I think this gorgeous white (very bridal!) travel wallet will be my next purchase, come pay day...perfect for our honeymoon, don't you think? (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

PS. It has a matching luggage tag and mobile phone case...*looks sheepish* Surely I need those as well...right...?


  1. I like the purple heels and if you are incorporating purple somewhere else then I think purple is the way to go!

  2. I LOVE purple shoes. I was actually leaning towards wearing some for my wedding too. Great minds think alike!

    I'm starting my giveaway today, BTW. Thought you'd like it since you're a bride-to-be.

    Check it out so you can enter to win some awesome "I DO" crystal shoe stickers!

  3. I love the purple shoe with the flowers on the side and the last white shoe with the designs on it! wow they're all so great!


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