Sunday, September 18, 2011

colour scheme revisited... (aka how purple crept into our colour scheme!)

With our bridesmaid dresses now officially chosen, and in the process of being purchased, our colour scheme is now officially set. While it doesn't much differ from the original posts, as predicted we ended up adding lavender into the mix. Which in turn seems to be resulting a deeper purple becoming a highlight colour...

I shouldn't really be surprised that purple was going to be added in really...Would you like to see why?

The card the fiance gave me the day we got engaged

The dress I wore for celebration engagement drinks with my girls (Yep, that's me in lavender!)

The dress I wore to our engagement party!

A pic similar to the car that my brother's friend's grandfather is letting us use on the wedding day, if the fiance chooses to need a car (we didn't choose the colour. It's what he has!)

Photos from our venue...

And finally...

The future hubby's favourite colour? You guessed it.


So I guess it was just meant to be! All in all, I'm very happy with the colour scheme that has snuck out. As a young girl, lavender was one of my favourite scents, and it still is one of my favourite herbs. I can't wait to we buy our house, to plant some lavender in the garden :)

It has also given me more research material and I've stumbled happily into the word of purple wedding shoes and lavender (the herb!) accents...

...but more on that later.

For now, I leave you with a quick (very quick!) inspiration board I made up tonight. Yep, it's the first one I've actually made and I rather like it. What do you guys think?!

[click here for a larger version]


  1. Sounds like a good color to add!! :-)

  2. purple is a great color for weddings...this is a great addition!


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