Monday, September 19, 2011

today's sneaky buy...

Well! Today brought a little bit of unexpected fun! While aimlessly trawling the stores at lunch today, I came across 2 little blush skirts... 2 cute little blush skirts for $9 each, that I think might work really well for our flowergirls!!!

All along I have known that I wanted something different for our girls - not the normal white dress with a sash that you see so frequently. Different is my tune for this wedding, I'm trying to make everything a little different from the norm.

There's been a couple of things that have caught my idea when thinking of the littlest ladies in out wedding party, including some Etsy buys:




And some cute little skirts:




So really it was great when I found these little beauties today! (in almost the *perfect* shade of blush - just slightly more pink than the older ladies) I love that the flowers are removable and love the pretty layers... I think with a little embellished grey top, and some sparkly shoes, these might just be great!!

Oh this picture really does look bad, I promise they are really cute in reality! And not so pink looking!

The only problem is that these aren't girls skirts - they are actually an Aussie Ladies 6 (basically the smallest ladies size in Aus) so their use will be determined by how easy it will be to take them in. However, they are a VERY small looking 6 and they are elasticized... So hopefully just taking in the seam a little will do the trick!!

Did any if you guys have an unexpected wedding buy that popped up out of nowhere? Or a purchase you didn't quite know would work??

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  1. how cute! I hope the size and everything works out for you, they're def. adorable!


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