Thursday, July 25, 2013

virtual nursery: the little details

Boy, oh boy...the things I have fallen in love with and wish I could purchase for Little Bean's nursery! I've never hidden my love of etsy stores (after all, the majority of our wedding purchases were from etsy!) and for Baby items, it really is heaven!

I've tried to be realistic about what I should (and can afford to!) buy for Baby's room because even though I love hundreds of pieces, I'm well aware that the room could easily get over cluttered and lose the simplicity we're going for. So, below is what we have either purchased, or plan to purchase, to decorate the basics in Little Bean's Nursery!

1. Pom Poms (similar) - I've got a little collection of white and yellow tissue paper pom poms, as well as the white and grey paper lanterns from our engagement party all set to go to be put up in a corner of Baby's nursery...similar to this pin, but with more variation in the drop lengths. I've collected the pom poms in various sizes and from various places (including a local handmade market, which is baby HEAVEN) but they can be found so easily on etsy, in every colour under the sun!

2. Wall Decal - As soon as I saw this decal I could picture it over Baby's crib. I can't wait til it arrives!

3. and 5. Nursery Monogram Set & "Mama Loves You" Artwork - Ok, I have had the hardest trouble narrowing down what artworks I want to use in Little Bean's haven. But I keep coming back to these ones, so I have a feeling these guys will be the ones that make the final cut! Of course, they won't be able to be ordered until after Baby's arrival, so the little picture shelf I have ready to go will have to stay empty until then...but it will be worth it!

4. Sheepskin Rug (similar) - This piece is something I know has been purchased for us for our Baby Shower...and I'm secretly hoping to get 2! One to use as a rug in Little Bean's room, and one for them to play on, put in their bouncer/pram, etc. Little babies just look so snuggly in them and they are supposed to help regulate their temperatures.

6. Wardrobe Dividers - A cute and handy item that will hopefully help Little Bean's wardrobe stay organised! I can't wait to receive these and start organise Baby's clothes...

7. "Counting Sheep" Cloud Cushion - To be honest, I'm still tossing up between this cushion and the "Sweet Dreams" variation...but I think "Counting Sheep" is winning. Aren't they the sweetest?!

8. Cloud Mobile - Another piece I haven't entirely decided on yet! I original found this "Happy Day" version, and saved it with the thought that it's one of the few I have found in grey and yellow, however they have since bought out the "Silver Star and Arrows" version and I think I'm leaning towards the latter...I think the simplicity of the colours will go better with the bedding we have chosen, while the former may clash a little too much...Opinions very much welcomed! Help this Mama choose!

Some other (not pictured) things I want to do in Baby's room include:

Zinc Letters - This DIY version of the Anthropologie letters that can be seen in little Harper's nursery over at Little Baby Garvin. I just love the idea of having Little Bean's name up above the wall decal pictured above. And the DIY version seems much more wallet-friendly, particularly as we don't have Anthropologie here in Oz!

Baby's Nursery has a skinny little piece of wall beside the window, next to where the change table will be, where I hope to do something similar to this pin with all Little Bean's gorgeous ultrasound images.

Bunting - We have this beautiful "Sweet Love" sign from our wedding (seen here) that we also used in our Maternity Shoot, that we are hoping to also include in Little Bean's Nursery. I'm waiting though, to see if it ends up being too much because Baby's room is rather a small space...

And last but not least, we of course hope to incorporate some of the beautiful maternity images that Sandra took for us, as well as some newborn shots, in the room. Whether it be on the wall or somewhere on the little open shelves of the furniture we have purchased, only time will tell. I cannot WAIT to get started decorating Baby's room, but of course, patience is a virtue...and furniture should arrive in the next week! Right now, this is what Little Bean's room looks like...

Yep. Furniture is definitely needed! (and this is BEFORE our baby shower! Eep!)


  1. Eeeee everything looks like it's going to be beautiful! Planning Avery's nursery was such a fun time for me. When it was all done, I used to go and sit in her room and dream about the day she'd be in it. Enjoy every minute :-)

    1. Thanks Amira! I hope it all comes together :) The nursery has been something I have been looking forward to since the very beginning so I am looking forward to setting it all up!

      Avery's nursery is beautiful...and I'm glad I'm not the only one who daydreams in the nursery ;) (and ours isn't even set up yet!)


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