Friday, July 19, 2013

friday's letters

dear Friday,
I'm so, so glad you are here and I'm even gladder (yep, there's my great English coming out!) that I have NOTHING on tomorrow and I can chill...providing the hubs gets the house in order today!

dear House,
I'm so sorry that after making you all pretty we have neglected you this last week! I promise you will be straightened out again soon. If you have any issues, please speak with The Flu.

dear Flu,
You are evil, evil, evil and I hate you. Why did you have to show up now? Come on man, I only have 9 and a bit weeks left, you could've left your visit for next year! This pregnant Mama is unimpressed you have resulted in her requiring antibiotics after not taking so much as a Panadol this whole pregnancy...not to mention the lack of energy, lack of sleep thanks to stuffy noses and sore tummy muscles from coughing so much. Baby and I hereby evict you!

dear Maternity Shoot,
Oh my, you went so amazingly well! Our little sneak peek (yep, shared again below...sorry!) has tided me over for a few days but now I am simply dying for Sandra to get back from her vacation to be able to see the rest. It was such a lovely afternoon chatting babies and catching up with Sandra, and spending some quiet time with the hubs, loving on the Bump. I can't wait to add some Bump pics to Baby's nursery!

dear Baby,
I can't believe we are down to single digit weeks left! That is crazy to me! This point seemed so far away before and now...we are under the 10 weeks left til your due date

dear Blogworld,
I keep promising posts other than baby updates but I haven't quite gotten there yet have I? Oh my, to have more time in the day...

dear Life,
Sometimes you rule. Thanks.


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