Tuesday, July 16, 2013

sneak peek - our maternity shoot!

Boy oh boy, does our photographer rule or what? We only had our maternity shoot at 3pm on Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday we were already given a glimpse of our photos. So awesome :)

But before I show you the shot Sandra shared with us, let me give you an idea of our day...

We had originally planned our shoot for Wednesday the 10th but woke to a dreary day that was apparently only worse up the coast, where we were headed. After a chat with Sandra and a phonecall to the lady who owns the orchard we were using, the shoot was postponed until Saturday with the hope for better weather.

Thankfully, our hopes came true and Saturday was a much better day! So, the hubs & I packed up the car with our clothes and snacks and headed off to Somersby, NSW...only for our TomTom navigator to take us the BACK way to the venue, instead of the nice easy trip it should have been! Admittedly, it was much prettier, and only added about 20 mins to our trip, but we were freaking out a little (wish I could have taken some photos but we were moving too fast...we passed some BEAUTIFUL cherry tree fields!) Particularly when we unexpectedly had to drive our car onto a ferry - that was a new adventure for us!

But we made it to the gorgeous orange orchard Sandra had found for us right on the dot of 3pm, when the owner was due to meet us there (as opposed to 2.45 when we had hoped to meet Sandra!). We meet the lovely Sharon, her neighbors and kids, and two of the biggest (but friendliest) doggies I've ever met! Then we headed into the orchard...oh my, it was lovely! Still damp from the dreary weather we've been having, but the gorgeous greens with the pops of orange....oh I can't wait to see how they translate into the photos! Just the ones Sandra showed us straight from her camera were making me swoon :)

We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Sandra (who I'm sure wasn't expecting to photograph us quite so soon, after taking our engagement shots and photographing our wedding) and also getting to spend some time together just loving on the Bump :) Baby sure knew when Daddy's hands were on Mama's tummy and made sure to let him know ;)

I cannot wait to see and share all the amazing photos I'm sure Sandra took, but for now, here's the sneak peek we received on Sunday - Sandra sure knows how to make a sick Mama feel better :)

What do you think?? We have to wait a couple of weeks to get all the shots, as Sandra and her family are going on a little holiday, but I'll be sure to share them with you when I can!


  1. Love that shot!!! I can't wait until you post the rest of them! Love the backdrop, what a gorgeous setting!

    1. Oh my, it really was gorgeous!! We were hanging out in the oranges but there were avocado trees and lemons and gosh, it was just beautiful. I'm dying to see the rest of the photos! We had such a lovely afternoon :)


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