Friday, July 12, 2013

friday's letters

Dear House,
You looked so pretty for our first house inspection today! You are really starting to come along, although not quite at a point of showing you off on le ol' blog yet. I wish I had enough money lying around to do all the amazing things I have planned in my head...but slowly and surely we will get there...Now here's hoping hubby helps me keep you looking as sparkly as you do right now! (oh I can't wait to be home every day to make sure you shine!)

Dear Little Bean,
You are CHEEKY! Why will you not let Mumma get a cute video of you wiggling around? As soon as I turn off the camera, you dance around like there's no tomorrow but once it's aimed at my belly - nothing!

Dear Clothes Line,
I've decided you suck. You get only the earliest morning sun, when the air is still damp and cold so nothing dries on you anyway. You need to move. I wonder if our owner will let us...otherwise I'm buying a new, shiny one for the other side of the yard!

Dear Maternity Shoot,
I am so excited for you tomorrow! Please have beautiful sunny weather like you are supposed to, instead of being dreary and overcast like you were on Wednesday...I'm dying to have these pictures taken :)

Dear Nursery,
I wish I could really get stuck into you! Damn the wait for our furniture...Guess Virtual Planning will be taking place instead!

Dear Work,
No offense, but I'm over you. 7 more Mondays left...not that I'm counting down...

Dear Readers,
Thank you for hanging in there with me! I know there have only been Bump Updates lately but I promise to try and get stuck into some ACTUAL posts now that life is *slowly* starting to calm back down...


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