Tuesday, April 30, 2013

dear baby

Written on 20th of January, 2013

Dear Baby,

Yesterday your Daddy and I got confirmation that you are definitely growing in there. We're officially 4 weeks! We've been told our first due date - 27th of September, 2013. At this stage I hope you come early or late - our first wedding anniversary is the 29th of September! The idea of being in labour on our first wedding anniversary doesn't sound terribly appealing hehe (and I'm sure you won't want to share your birthday with your oldies!!)

We went out to dinner last night, the day the doctor said "Congratulations", to celebrate us, and you! We had a good ol' chat about how we want to tell your family and our friends about your existence... The how/when and where. It was scary exciting... Because you will go from our little secret to a real, exciting pregnancy!!

In the next couple of days we'll be booking into the hospital and in a few weeks we can book in our first ultrasound - we can't wait to see you up on the screen, even if you will be only a lil' nugget!!

We love you already and look towards the next 8 months, full of hope!

Love Mama

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