Tuesday, April 23, 2013

dear baby

Dear Baby,

Well it's official! Our little family has a new place to call home :) It has all happened so fast, but in such a way that it feels like it is meant to be! After a terrible start to house hunting, which was getting me down, I was beginning to think we were going to be stuck in an unhappy little rental.

Then, on Saturday I saw the perfect little house, in our price range and freshly renovated. As fate would have it the owner arrived before the estate agent and let us in. While everyone else went straight to the agent when he arrived, your Nanny and I chatted with the owner - asking him questions, finding out what he was after in tenants and just generally chatting. He was lovely! By the time we left, he had offered your Mama and Daddy the home!

We signed the paperwork today and visited the house for your Daddy to check it out. We move on Friday! You officially have a home, and a nursery, and this Mama can't wait to start setting it up!

Another new adventure - one that takes us that much closer to the point we get to meet you. Bring it on.

Love Mama

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