Friday, April 19, 2013

friday's letters

Dear pregnancy symptoms, You are first trimester stuff - why are you bothering me now?! Go away so I can go back to enjoying everything!

Dear Autumn, I'm ready for beanies and scarves and snugly clothes! Let the cooler weather stick around now!

Dear rental property hunting, I strongly dislike you. I wish you were over. Or that someone would buy us a house (or at least let us have the pretty, pretty rental I saw yesterday that's just out of our single wage budget!)

Dear husband, Thanks for putting up with my crazy :)

Dear baby, Your Daddy felt you kick this week! BEST THING EVER!



  1. Ohhh I forgot that you will have autumn/winter soon! My 1st trimester symptoms did not leave until so much later! Rest plenty!

    1. I didn't really have any 1st trimester stuff, which is why I was so unimpressed they showed up for a few days last week! But they have gone away now, thankfully. I'm just starving all the time now instead! Hope your little blueberry is going well!


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