Friday, April 05, 2013

friday's letters

Dear Little Bean, everyone knowing about you now is very exciting! But please, no more trips to the ED for Mama - and preferably no more needles for a while! Just keep growing away, big and strong!

Dear Husband, it's almost your birthday! Last one before becoming a Daddy and first one as a married man. I would love for it to be special for you!

Dear Followers, thanks for following along with me for so long! The wedding recaps will continue, I'll start to include bump updates very soon (sorry to those not so interested in baby bumps but I promise you can just skip those posts!) and I'm hoping once we are back in our own places that I'll be able to start posting more regularly and including more of our life! I seem to find it easier when we are living alone, life seems too hectic at my parents'!

Dear Time, I can't decide whether I want you to slow down or speed up! I can't believe it's been a whole week since Good Friday already, and that we are already in April and this Sunday marks 4 months in our pregnancy! BUT, I would really like you to speed up my work day today... Particularly towards my dinner break as this Mama is hungry!

Dear Life... Bring it! :)


  1. Ah! I had missed your last post where you announced the little one! Congratulations :) And happy six months- the 29th came and went for us and we completely forgot! oops.

    1. Happy 6 months right back at you Margaret!! I'm a stickler for dates, my husband...not so much. He wouldn't have realised on his own haha

  2. Congrats! And who on earth doesn't want to see baby bump updates!??! Those are the sweetest!


  3. oh my goodness, just read this and found out the good news! congratulations!!! Can't wait for bump updates :)

    1. Thanks Laura! Backdated bump pics coming soon :)


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