Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

And Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary to my parents! Hopefully we can have half as wonderful a marriage as they have had...

In other news, our wedding certificates from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Office came and I spent most of today officially becoming a Mrs. with my bank, various store cards, online logins/stores and insurance. Tomorrow is my phone bill and Friday will be Medicare (health) and work. Next week I apply for my unrestricted license and will change my name over with the Road and Traffic Authority at the same time. Then hopefully it's most things done! The only snag is that AFTER next week (because there's no way the new one will come in time for my driver qualification test!) I have to head to the BDM to have our certificates fixed because there are a couple of mistakes on both our standard certificate and on our commemorative one...the hubby's address is wrong (despite it being the EXACT SAME address as my own - go figure) and our witnesses last name is spelt wrong. Luckily for me, my details are all correct, as are the wedding details, so I can still use it to change my name. Yay!

Halloween isn't a big thing here in Australia, but we do still get Trick or Treat-ers, and the hubs and I always get a kick out of decorating. We decorated my parents abode this year (admittedly with limited suppplies) just for the day, with my little nephew who had SO MUCH FUN. He was giggling away at the idea that the decorations were going to "Rawr" (scare) people. I then picked up my god daughter and her Mum, and we, my nephew, sister, her sister-in-law and son all went Trick or Treating for the first time with the kiddies. They had a lot of fun and only encountered one rude person.

Wedding recaps heading your way soon! I promise! Wading through 700+ photos to try and pick out favourites to share is HARD. But we have finalised our album now and I cannot WAIT for that to arrive to see our photos in print!

I hope everyone has had a "Spooky" Happy Halloween!


  1. ahh your parents are adorable!! happy 31 years to them!

  2. Thanks Meg!!! (they are pretty cute aren't they? hehe)


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