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recap: the girl's get purty...nail day!

September 27, 2012

Let the recaps begin!

The Thursday before the wedding, the majority of my Bridesmaids, my Mum and myself (and a few of the little ladies belonging to said bridesmaids!) headed to a local nail bar to get our nails done. Prior to meeting up with the girls I had headed to get waxed and made pretty...then we met up to pick up nail colours and have relaxing pedicures!

I had planned to blog this the day it actually happened but well, things got busy! After we got our nails done, I went with Ro to have a look for a dress for little Miss Violet for wedding day, then headed home to finish off the last of our wedding programs and help my SIL Juzzie make the cake pops that the kids at the wedding were receiving as favours, instead of the melts that the adult guests were receiving. So, blogging never happened. Instead, you get to see a couple of pics today! Yay! Just building the suspense to the actual wedding day...hehe...

Pretty little ladies - Miss Matilda and
Miss Violet (who was in a beautiful
pink princess dress!)

We all ended up having French tip manicures, and various colours on our toes - a pretty pearly peach colour for the girls in blush, a lavender for those in purple, and I had my "Something Borrowed" from the Essie Wedding Collection. They all looked so good together! I'm actually sad that I didn't get a group shot of all our toes together!

Still didn't actually feel real at this any of this was for me! It was fun getting my nails "did" with the girls though!

Mum and sis, Danielle
MoH, Annie
Bridesmaid, Kylie

Bridesmaid, Ro, and her little miss!
My sister, Danielle, who clearly didn't
want her picture taken!

Coming up next...the day before the wedding! Then, the real fun begins - The Wedding Day!

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