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recap: the night before the big day

September 28, 2012

The day before the wedding was actually a pretty smooth day, minus the fact that my Mum thought we were checking into the hotel at 5pm instead of 2pm for some reason, so ended up a little rushed. (She had also done the same thing the prior day with our nail appointment - I have no idea where she kept getting 5pm from?!)

We had a last minute change of music after our rehearsal on Wednesday (which I'll have to blog about and backdate at a later point, since I don't have the pictures for that day! They are on the hub's Mum's camera!) so I quickly re-made our Ceremony CD the morning before we left for the venue, then we packed up our cars and headed over to check into the rooms we would be spending the night before in, and getting ready in the day off.

The Bride/Bridesmaid suites...courtesy of my MoH
The boys stayed in room 50

After we checked in, bought up all our stuff and got a little settled, the boys headed straight for the pool and spa (typical) while Mum and I hit up the local shopping centre to get some supplies for the next day - there was no way we were having anyone fainting from lack of food so we made sure to have breakfast cereals, juices, sandwiches and fruit on hand for all the bridal party to munch on while they were getting ready all morning!

Yep, glad to see they were going to
make sure he wasn't broken before
the wedding...

By the time we returned with the food, most of the bridal party who were staying the night before (a couple of the boys weren't staying due to family commitments...Like Brenden's fiance due to go into labour at any time!) had arrived, so we started to arrange what we were going to do for dinner. We decided to head into "downtown Windsor" (I say that sarcastically since Windsor isn't very big!) and see what was on offer! We split into two groups for dinner, with the majority of the girls heading to Stir Crazy noodle bar, and the majority of the boys heading to the pub...but Juzzie joined the boys and Hayden became an honourary bridesmaid for the evening. We took some happy snaps along the way, enjoying our last few hours altogether before we split up until the ceremony the next day!

Honourary Bridesmaid
Proof that not even an upcoming wedding can stop
Kylie from looking at shoes!

We returned to the Sebel...and the rain that had started sprinkling on us during our walk back to the car after dinner came BUCKETING down. You can't really see it in this picture, but trust me - it was POURING! My thoughts at the time? "That's it, get it allllll out of your system now..."

While the rain poured down outside, the hubs and I made the decision to exchange gifts with our Bridal party...

To Be Continued...

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