Thursday, November 08, 2012

recap: bridal party gifts...the girls!

September 28, 2012...continued!

After leaving the boys to their own devices, we girls headed back to our main room, where we would be getting ready the next day, for me to give the girls the first half of their gifts. I was really looking forward to this part!

As it turned out though, the girls had something to give me first...

My MoH (and my Mum, and bridesmaid Kylie) is a teacher and had turned one of her wheelie containers into a little "Just Married" carry-all for us to use the following day, to carry our shoes, water bottles, etc. while running between photo spots, etc. Each of the girls and my Mum had written little post-it messages all over it, and there were some little surprises inside!

I'd love to show you the professional photos of the whole front, but unfortunately it shows you our last names, so I won't. Annie had made up one of those old school games, where you write out your full name, your partner's full name and "loves" in the middle, then you check off the matching letters, etc. and work out the compatibility "percentage". It was so cute! You can see the square of it and all the post-its in the picture from the actual wedding day below...

Reading all the messages...
courtesy of sandra henri photography

In use...
...on wedding day!

Inside was some yummy pink champers and some non-alcoholic sparkling grape drink for those of us who couldn't drink...that was consumed with relish! But first, I had some things to hand out!

I had been collecting bits and pieces of the girls' gifts for a while...and unlike the boys', I managed to make a lot of theirs!

In their "night before" gifts, each of the girls received:

    • A little floral box containing:
    • Their earrings for the wedding and
    • A little clay love heart to hang on their bouquet (which could be used as a Christmas decoration...or a bookmark...or a million other things MoH currently has hers hanging on her fridge next to a polaroid from the wedding!)
  • Their ring for the wedding
  • A personalised coat hanger
  • A "Bridesmaid" or "Maid of Honour" dressing gown!

I think the girls enjoyed their robes, which we all got to wear the next day while we were getting ready...they certainly enjoyed taking pictures of them! DIY post coming soon!

All the MoH's goodies:

After handing out the first half of the girls' gifts, we had a toast, and set about doing last minute things for the next day...

Like choosing my shoes...
Purple or Ivory?
Adding my "I Do" Stickers...
They were so hard to get on!
Concentration was required!
As you can see, the ivory won
And taking random photos admiring our nails...because that's how we roll...

We also made up sandwiches for the following day...and then things got a little "interesting" with the boys being just down the hall...(those picture will remain hidden I'm sorry to say...but there was stealing of hot chocolates involved...among other things!)

Eventually it was 11:45 and I headed outside to say good night to my fiance for the last time. We shared good night kisses...and a hug I never wanted to let go of...and headed back to our rooms. It was the last time I would see him before we became husband and wife!

Next Up: Getting Ready...The Girls! Part 1

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  1. looks like so much fun....btw your shoes are amaaazing! I love the ivory, good choice!

    1. Thanks Laura! It was a close call...but the ivory were more comfy (I ended up wearing them almost all night!) and I think they fitted the feel of our wedding much as I loved the pop of the purple!


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