Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a sneak peek

So I plan to start our mini-moon recaps on my RDO on Wednesday! But for now...a teaser of our wedding photos! This sneak peek was posted online by our wedding photographer merely days after our wedding, while the hubs and I were in Queensland. I messaged my Mum and MoH to let them know a sneak peek was up...and my Mum made the mistake of looking at it while in the middle of a shopping centre. Our Best Man and his wife are witnesses to the fact that she cried, right there in the middle of the shops!

We love it :)

Just tonight we were provided with a further sneak peek of about 20 photos, with the promise that the rest will be available to us in the next 1 or 2 days! We're so excited! I got all teary seeing tonight's photos, they are simply amazing - Sandra has captured our wedding in ways I could only dream of...and we have only seen a snippet! Unfortunately I can't share those ones with you yet, as they were provided to us in a phone app format. But for now - the first picture we were shown! See you for recaps soon!

courtesy of sandra henri photography


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