Wednesday, August 01, 2012

upcoming kitchen tea!

This Sunday is my Kitchen Tea with my family and my closest friends. I can't wait to see a number of my aunts, cousins and besties in one place. I've seen a few snippets of what's to come and it's got me very excited...

My sister-in-law and sister are technically throwing this shower for me, at my Mum's house and with my Mum's help. Given that I have such a big bridal party, the girls decided to have my sisters organise the Kitchen Tea (which is mostly for my extended family to be able to come and join in some pre-wedding festivities, leaving the Hen's Night for the younger crowd) and my besties organise the Hen's Night. A good idea in my opinion - they don't all have to worry about everything and can each relax at one event! Also, my sisters were the obvious choice in terms of already knowing details for all of my family members.

When my sister-in-law, Juz, started working on invites for the Kitchen Tea, I was asked to pick a colour scheme for the girls to work with. I ended up picking Pink and Green. I'm excited to see how it will all come together, particularly after seeing the cute invitation that was sent out to everyone! (This is a photo of my Mum's, since mine is at my SIL's, whoops!)

A couple of weeks ago I also helped Mum and my sister purchase a whole bunch of pink and green kitchen-themed game prizes, which was LOADS of fun. Other then that and a help little cutting out name tags the other night, that has been my only involvement in the event! It does feel strange to have a party thrown for me and not doing anything...

Like I mentioned, I have seen a few of the preparations (it's hard to hide everything from me when I live with my sister and Mum!) and it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous set up. Fairly certain my SIL has been stalking my Pinterest... I've spied paper doilies, tiered cake trays and striped paper straws... And that's not even the half of it, or so I'm told!

In my lack of needing to plan for this event, all I've really needed to do us get ready to turn up! So, after my birthday in early July, I purchased this gorgeous little retro style dress with some birthday money. I LOVE the pastels that are out at the moment, and this little number just screamed "Kitchen Tea Dress" from the moment I saw it! It's still Winter here in Oz and while the days have been sunny, if there is wind about it can definitely still be chilly. So the plan is for tights, heels and a cardigan over the top. I'm debating whether to go with a green or a pastel pink cardigan - what do you guys think?!

I promise a recap will follow next week with all the Kitchen Tea shenanigans in all their glory. Til then, 59 days to go til our big day! (the countdown is starting to take it's toll..freaking out just a little!!)


  1. 59 days! How exciting and scary, and exciting, and terrifying, and exciting! hehe Your dress is super cute, im sure you'll have an amazing Kitchen Tea, it sounds like the ladies in your life really have it all worked out for you! I think you should wear a pink cardi, pink is pretty on you! xxx

    1. Naw thanks lady! I'm leaning towards the pink I think...just to have something different then what's on the dress.

      I can't believe the Kitchen Tea is already here, it seemed so far away when we first started talking about it. Everything is creeping up so fast many things still to do!

  2. LOVE the dress!!! I agree... pink would be super cute with it!!

  3. Whoohoo love tea and your dress is soooo cute!


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