Friday, August 17, 2012

upcoming hen's night!

Last week I received my invite to my upcoming Hen's Night! (aka Bachelorette) Up until then, my MOH and bridesmaids had kept the night a closely guarded secret, but my MOH felt it was time to spill the beans (or most of them!) so that I could know what to wear, etc. She had cleverly created an actual Facebook ACCOUNT (as opposed to an event) on Facebook to hold discussions with those involved, so that there was no way I could accidentally stumble on information - you couldn't access anything without being a friend! I did see it in my "recommended friends" list at one point and thought it was an Event (and didn't click - I was so proud of my self restraint!) but as it turns out, even if I did I would have seen nadda!

I have still kept myself somewhat in the dark, which my lovely MOH had recommended if I wanted to be surprised still - although my invite informs me where we are headed, I have refrained from looking up the venue or requesting the Hen's Night Friend (haha that sounds strange) on Facebook, where Annie has popped up some professionally taken photos of the venue, etc., which she says looks fantastic! I'm going to keep that element of surprise for when we arrive! But without further ado, here are my gorgeous invites that my lovely MOH worked hard on!

Some details have been removed for obvious privacy reasons!

As you can see from the invites, this means that my Hen's Wonderland is - TOMORROW!

I'm so excited and cannot wait to celebrate with the girls. A little apprehensive about how we are going to go drawing a naked man but hey - I'm sure if nothing else it will be fun, break the ice and entail lots of giggles...I sure as hell can't draw so maybe I'll be making the MOH draw mine... (she's an art teacher!!)

I've got my dress all lined up (as well as some black tights and a coat to take while traveling - it's still winter here!), I'm going to wear the "First Dance" from my Essie Bridal Collection on my nails AND I bought new eyeliner and mascara for the wedding which I plan to trial tomorrow night. I cannot wait. I promise a recap sometime next week (maybe after recovering...I'm such a Nanna these days!) I also promise it won't be as long as the Kitchen Tea Recaps. Til then - I'm off for some sleep! I think I might need it!

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  1. I hope you had fun at your Hen's night! I finally did my Liebster post. Thank you for including me!


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