Wednesday, August 15, 2012

kitchen tea recaps - random fun

This is the final in my kitchen tea recaps and I really do thank you for hanging in this long. This one is really for my own memory-keeping as it's mostly fun photos from the day, more then a recap of decor or games like the other posts. But I hope if you take the time to read it you still enjoy seeing some of the crazy antics and cute pictures from the day!

Not a lot of chatting through this post - I'll let the pictures do the talking!

My Mum and I
Sisters - Me, My sister Danielle and SIL Justyna
My SIL-to-be Alicia, SIL-to-be Monique and Groomsman
Brenden's fiance, Mel
Mel is due to have a baby just before our wedding -
a week before actually!

SIL-to-be Kimmy, Flower Girl Tamzyn and me!

As you can see, I choose to go with a pink cardigan over my dress! (Thanks for the advice guys!) I also decided the Kitchen Tea was the perfect time to crack open my Essie Wedding Colours nail set, and painted my nails a pretty "Made to Honour" colour. Loved it! (Meanwhile, it was my first Essie experience and let me tell you...I am now a HUGE fan. I used no top cute and the colour lasted almost a whole week without chipping! Go Essie!)

The Kids
These guys really stole the show. (Really, when don't they?)

Miss Violet using a marshmallow
pop as an umbrella - CUTE!

Ps. THIS little angel is Miss Laina's bubba - I think you'll remember me mentioning her baby shower back in April! After making her Mumma wait two LONG weeks (yep, two weeks overdue!) Miss Talei was born on the 1st of July (she just wanted to be a July baby like her Auntie Manda I think!). Isn't she precious? She really could have had her own personal blog post with the amount of photos taken of her during the Kitchen Tea!

If you read my Engagement Party Recaps, you would know that these pictures are mandatory. Watch out for them in our Wedding recaps - they will be there somewhere!

My beautiful Nan (paternal grandmother) and I
This photo is extra special as my poor Nan ended up in hospital after returning home (she lives up the coast and we don't get to see her ANYWHERE near as often as I like!) from this visit. She had a test done and ended up with a collapsed lung. She's doing much better now but if anyone out there is a prayerful person, please keep her in your thoughts. We're hoping she can go home soon - she hates hospitals so much and currently hates that she can't be keeping up with her visits to my Pop in the nursing home (always thinking of others!)

MOH Annie's self portrait for the day
Cousins, Best Friends...Playing in tents, then and now! Haha

Well that sums up the awesome day that I had thanks to my wonderful family and friends. Thank you so much for putting up with me reliving it here on the blog! I hope you enjoyed having a look through the photos (and maybe stealing some ideas for future showers - those games the girls came up with were a lot of fun ... I still actually don't know where they got those from because I haven't seen them before and I'm the one in the middle of BlogWorld!). Don't forget - I'm taking votes until the end of the week on whether to share an Amazing Punch or Yummy Scone recipe! Place your vote in the comments below!

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