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kitchen tea recaps - games!

Today is Part Two of my Kitchen Tea recaps! Today is a fun part - The Games!

Again, I didn't have any part of the game planning for the Kitchen Tea. The only game I was somewhat aware of was Game #3, which we will get to soon. There were 3 games in total played at the Kitchen Tea, then we opened presents (wow, that really is embarrassing isn't it?). The first game was a good ol' guessing game!

My SIL handed out green and white sheets of paper that had "We Say" and "Advice" questions on one side (that I got to read later...there were some awesome ones!)...

...and on the opposite side guests had to write down their answers to the following pictures...first ones correct got to pick some prizes from the prize table! (Let me tell you - I wanted to win some of those prizes!)

How many can you get right?

My SIL reading out the Guessing Game winners!

The second game was personally my favourite and one I hadn't heard of before! My Mum bought out a large, covered bowl, and called up 9 unmarried ladies to volunteer. Or in some cases, BE volunteered (I had nothing to do with that at all...*whistles innocently*).

The girls were then handed garbage bags and asked to stand around the bowl. This was done rather apprehensively...

The ladies were informed that they all had to close their eyes and on the count of "Go!", dig in! When they found an object to clamp their hands around, they had to raise their hand in the air - one item per person!

Hands in the air! (I love this shot!)

Most of the ladies found a large diamond ring...

But what you really wanted to find, was one of these tiny little cubic zirconia diamond rings!!! Two of the girls won one of these little rings - my little brother's girlfriend (whoot whoo!) and my little 16 year old cousin (ok she's not so little anymore, but to me she'll always be little!). Everyone got to grab a prize off the table for participating!

Teeny little winning ring!!
Anyone for green jelly??

This game was a lot of fun and despite the fact it seemed like it could get messy, there really was limited mess...

All cleaned up...

And the little girls sure did love playing with the rings afterwards!

Last but not least, the final game was the one that I was vaguely aware of. My Mum had mentioned it to me and asked whether I had thought it was a good alternative to the good ol' Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game and I had whole heartedly agreed that it was a fantastic idea! Rather then get people to make a wedding dress within an alloted time, why not get them to make a wedding cake? It seemed genius!

All the groups were given a basic cake, a bowl of (somewhat thin!) icing and a bag of decorations. In 30 mins, they had to decorate a wedding cake and write a little corresponding note on the little tags provided. The great thing about this game is that it really did allow for all age groups to older family members may have been reluctant to join in with a toilet paper wedding dress but by golly did they get competitive with the cake making! It was great fun...but very hard to choose a winner!!

Let the photos tell the story!

The Cakes

Did you notice the little engagement box with the
diamond? I didn't until later! I thought they were
all little gift boxes!
The evil girls in the "baby" group (2 have bubbas, 1 has one on the way!) tried to use their gorgeous babies as cake toppers to sway my tell me that just isn't mean!! Look how gorgeous they are!)

All the cakes together  - They made me pick a winner
out of these!! So hard!!

The Teams

After much deliberation - this was the Winning Team!!

So that's it for the games, but one other awesome thing that was included is the ever popular "recipe cards" that everyone received with their invite and were encouraged to bring back with their favourite recipe on to add to my collection. Boy did I get some good ones! Including, but not limited to, the secret recipe to my Nan's chocolate slice, amazing chocolate cake AND lattice biscuit slice. Maybe one day I'll share some more!!

Thanks for following along with my Kitchen Tea recaps! If you haven't read the Decor recaps, you can check them out here. The final Part, Random Fun, will be coming soon! Don't forget to vote for which recipe you'd like to see me share by the end of the week - Amazing Punch or Yummy Scones!


  1. Wow great games especially the cake decorating one!! HOw fun...I wish I was a guest hahah.

  2. what an amazing shower!! Looks like so much fun, and such unique game ideas, I love it!

  3. I hope these posts even show a SNIPPET of what an amazing day I had - I got all teary at the end because of how much effort my family and friends had put in. It was so awesome, I only hope our guests had as much fun as I did! I LOVED the games so much because they were so unique so props to my Mum and SIL on those ones!! They did so well!

    Thanks for your comments guys - I will have to pass the compliments on for this one because all I did was show up! :)


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