Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the wait is over!

Well, almost. Today I can share with you all the link to the blog post with most of our engagement shots! Sandra, our photographer, popped up a blog post for us today. At the very bottom of the post, there is a link to the album we are actually purchasing - you can have a thumb through (if you are THAT interested in someone else's engagement shots - I don't blame you if you're not!) and see many more images that aren't included in the blog post, including a few of our favs (like the future hubby's baseball shots!)

As I already mentioned, I am so in love with all of our photos, we both are, and it was so very hard to select images to print (even though we are getting almost all of them inside the album we're purchasing). But the order has officially been placed, and now we just have to wait to hear they are ready! We are going to pick them up ourselves, so that we can meet with Sandra and finalise some of the finer details of the wedding - timelines, specific photo requirements, etc. I can't wait!

But now, here's the direct link to Sandra's blog post. Definitely have a look around while you are there at her gorgeous work (particularly this newborn shoot - naw), there are a few weddings on there and another gorgeous engagement shoot, as well as her Modern Wedding Magazine shoot!


  1. WOW.....WOOWWW WOWW I gotta tell you that I am super jealous...these are some of the best Epics I have seen...the colors and backgrounds ...and you guys...perfect!

  2. Yay I can't wait to check these out, I am sure they are amazing! Hope you guys had fun while doing them!

  3. Wow, thanks so much!!! We were super lucky to find such an amazing photographer, who shoots in natural light photography AND is a big fan of vintage style colourings, in our budget. I still can't believe that we nabbed her :) We are SO in love with all of the photos and Sandra picked the BEST location!! (all her, we can't take any credit for that!)

    Bride-onicles - we had SUCH a fun time shooting. It was windy as anything for the majority of the shoot (until we moved down into the actual vines) but we had so much fun and we felt so relaxed and often forgot that Sandra was there while she was snapping away. We both feel much more confident about being photographed on our wedding day now!


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