Friday, January 20, 2012

diy handkerchiefs!

Having a medical condition that results in you having time off work is frustrating... But it does give you time to work on wedding projects! (at least I still feel productive when I can't work) Yesterday I managed to make one load of our wedding handkerchiefs for our ceremony. I'm quite happy with how they are turning out!!

Quite an easy DIY project, I'm hoping those who choose to take one on our wedding day (even if they don't need to use it) will have a little something to keep and remember our day by...Oh, and I've kept a blue one for myself ;)

Starting off with some blank, vintage-style handkerchiefs, the future hubby and I decided on this monogram from The Wedding Chicks to use throughout our wedding projects.

I used Paint to flip the image back to front, then printed them on some iron-on transfer paper. For this particular project, I found printing them 9 to a page was the perfect size.

I then spent the day ironing the handkerchiefs out, ironing on the transfers and ironing over the top of the transfers with baking paper (a little tip to take away the shine and make the image seem more matte). Here's just a couple of examples of handkerchiefs, the monogram is in a different spot on each handkerchief.

After applying all the monograms, I set about folding up the handkerchiefs , tying them up with brown twine and adding some cute little tags.

I think the end result has turned out quite well!

Now I'm on the hunt for a cute little basket to sit them in on wedding day... (and to make another 40 or so...waiting for a delivery!) Can't wait to see if everyone likes them on the day!


More DIY projects to come, but in the meantime - what little projects did you/are you working on in the lead up to your big day??


  1. Wow, they look gorgeous! I would love to have this at a wedding I went to :-)

  2. WOW those came out awesome!!!!

  3. Thanks guys!!! I really like how they turned out :) Can't wait to see if everyone likes them on Wedding Day!


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