Saturday, January 14, 2012

sneak peek

Wow! This little blog has hit 30 followers! Welcome everyone and thanks for reading, I hope I don't bore you too much! I think maybe I should start thinking of a fun giveaway for hitting 50 (if I get there!) :)

Anyway, back to the purpose of today's post - as promised, I have a little sneak peek of our engagement shoot!

Let me tell you, the future hubby and I had a BLAST shooting these pictures and were both very excited to see how they all turn out. Now that we have seen a teeny tiny sample of what they are like, we cannot WAIT to see our full gallery and are even more excited for our wedding photos in September now (eep, we're almost down to 8 months! I wrote out a LONG to-do list yesterday!)

First up, I'll give you a little peek into the venue. We took a 2 1/2 hour trip to the gorgeous Undercliff Winery and Gallery at Wollombi, which boasts a gorgeous cottage from 1847. The drive into Wollombi was just gorgeous and showed off a lot of the gorgeous Aussie flora/fauna that many Australians (like ourselves!) miss out on in the suburbs! We even had to dodge frogs and keep our eyes out for kangaroos and wombats darting onto the road on our way home! Once we reached the Winery, we got to have a chat with the lovely owner, who let us sample a few of the wines that are made on site using traditional methods. I even picked up a couple of bottles of desert one - one for me, one for my mum :)

We then headed up to the cottage to get ready. I don't have a lot of shots of the venue, since once we started shooting we were rather distracted, but here's a few I did get:

A couple of shots of the outside of the cottage...we ended up using a corner on the far left that was just gorgeous. It had a big vintage suitcase, a big wine barrel, gorgeous little steps and a little bench between the wooden rails. You'll definitely see that in some of the pictures later on!

One bedroom, which has the original stove, etc. from the original house. I felt a little like I was Anne of Green Gables!

My pretty dress choices...I ended up with the white one, since the future hubby choose a blue shirt. The one below was a very close second though, I couldn't choose between them (and neither could Sandra!) and I'm glad the decision ended up being made by the shirt the future Mr choose!

After a bunch of snuggly shots and detail pictures at the cottage (amongst a LOT of wind - let me tell you, I have no idea what my hair is going to look like in a lot of those pictures!) we headed down to a little old barn that was on the way between the cottage and the vineyards. On the way down, the future hubby surprised me with a rose he had snuck out of the posy we had been using as a prop. Cheeky boy! (as you can see, we used some smaller roses similar to the ones I want to use in my bouquet!)

The sneak peak that the lovely Sandra provided us with on Thursday (yes, only one day after the shoot!) was taken at the barn. I am so in love with it and cannot wait to see more. She shared this with us via her Facebook page, so we got to share it with family and friends, who all loved it :) And now I share it with you!!

Isn't it gorgeous?! (Ok, I may be a little biased!)

After a little bit of time here, in the somewhat sheltered area of the barn (that wind was still howling!), we headed down to the vineyard at the end of the shoot to catch the gorgeous sunlight that was left. We got to play some Rummikub (a fav. of ours!) down amongst the vines, eat some yummy strawberries and play some baseball. Our gorgeous sign from Miss Laina got put to use down here as well :) The whole theme of our shoot was "Grown Old With Me" so we got to spend the day doing a lot of things we hope to be doing in 50 years! Snuggling, looking at old pictures, eating strawberries, drinking tea and playing Rummikub. We had such an amazing time and I look forward to sharing our pictures with you!

I hope you enjoyed having a peek! If anyone would like further information on Sandra and her amazing work, please see her blog at and please note that all professional photos are courtesy of Sandra and are not to be reproduced anywhere.

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  1. They're simply beautiful! How exciting! Brilliant choice on location too, how dreamy!

    PS. I had to google Rummikub, i still have NO idea what it is! haha x


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