Saturday, March 24, 2012

table numbers and ikea frames

Project number #2 over the weekend for me was the creation of our table numbers (or what is our table numbers at this point! Still contemplating printing them on some old book pages, as mentioned in my table number inspiration post) If you recall from an earlier post last year, we purchased a number of Tolsby Frames at $2 each (in Aus. dollars, I think they are .99c in American?) from Ikea to use for our table numbers, mostly because we loved the idea that they are double sided!

Earlier in the planning process, I had found this wonderful free download from Betsy White's Blog, Flights of Fancy, in their free downloads section:

(Admittedly, I can't find the direct link to this download anymore, so I believe it may have be removed!)

I hope Betsy White doesn't mind, but I changed the colours of this gorgeous design to suit our wedding - it's so stunning but green really isn't one of our wedding colours! After a few tweeks, these little beauties turned out perfectly!

Over the weekend I printed out these numbers on two different types of card, to see which would work best in our white frames. Before printing them, I had thought that perhaps they would have worked better on grey card stock against the white frames because white card might have looked too washed out with the white frames. But when printed, both the future mister and I agreed that the white version looked much nicer! The grey actually ended up looking more of a blue and the colours looked rather dingy. Do you agree?

Ignore the black triangles - we're not removing the protective coating until before the wedding!

Anyway, here they are all printed out and lined up in a row. I'm still tempted to try them out on some old book sheets if I can get my hands on some, but given the very rustic style of the centrepiece's we've chosen for inspiration (we haven't spoken to our reception place yet to confirm what they will really end up looking like!) I think maybe they might need to stay white, to be able to pop a little.

Next up is to create our personalised "I Spy" for the back of these bad boys - a different one for each table so that *hopefully* we end up with a lovely mix of pictures from our wonderful friends and family at the end of the day! I can't wait to see how it turns out! What do you guys think?

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  1. those look amazing!! What a great job and what a great find in that free download! they look so professional!


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