Wednesday, March 14, 2012

let them eat cake

It looks like the future hubby and I have chosen our cake design! It's been a long process... As I figured it would be. While there are many *stunning* and downright *amazing* wedding cakes out there on display in BlogLand, I knew that many of them would be a) priced waaaaay too far out of our price range, b) waaaaay too fussy for the future hubby and c) way too girly for the future hubby to handle. I knew that we would need something that was simple and elegant without being too girly that the fiancé was offended by it at first glance. We're trying very hard throughout this process to try and keep the right balance of masculine to feminine happening, when let's face it, weddings tend to err on the feminine side by their very nature.

Many of the cakes I found were vetoed by the fiancé at first glance, so they aren't really even worth sharing. Truth be told, I knew they would be before I even showed them to him! If you are after some gorgeous wedding cake porn, be sure to check out the gorgeous posts that Shardi has correlated over at The Blushing Bride... Some of those cakes are droolworthy!

Most of the simple cakes that we ended up tossing between were found by my sister in law and as such, I don't have sources for them, for which I apologise. I'm happy to say at least ONE was found by me (but it's not the one we've decided on!).

This is the first one the SIL found for us. I ADORED this cake. Still do. Alas, future hubby does *not* like the polka dots. Such a shame.

This was one of the early ones I found and we both agreed upon so it was our "runner up" cake in case we didn't find anything else, with silver ribbon and perhaps a slightly less harsh colour for the pattern design.

We also tossed around the idea of a cupcake tower with a cutting layer on top but decided quite early on that with 100+ guests it was probably going to work out more expensive and while it would look pretty, it probably wasn't worth it.

But this little beauty, the final picture my SIL found for us, this is our winner. This surprised me, because I loved it but thought for sure that the future mister would think it too girly (I think it was the little diamonds that made me think that!). But no, he likes the simple elegance of this one and prefers it over all the others. So with some silver ribbon and a cake topper of our choice, it looks like this little design will be our winner.

We've sent a picture of this pretty little cake into work with my mum, as her boss and her daughter have a business making wedding cakes! We're just waiting for them to get back to us with a quote and a list of flavours for us to choose from. As someone who isn't a big cake person, I'm not so fussed about where our cake comes from, as long as she looks elegant. We also have some pretty amazing dessert choices included in our package at our reception, so cake is really an added bonus, not dessert on its own, so it's less of a focal point, food wise.

What do you guys think of our choice? How did you go about choosing your wedding cake and what did it play in your wedding dessert - Starring or Supporting Role?

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