Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a little spray paint...

This weekend was a weekend full of DIY projects for me! Some I can share with you, and will over the next few days, some I reluctantly will have to wait until after the wedding to blog about (because some nosey bridesmaids may read my blog :P love you ladies!). I've had a lot of fun getting stuck into some of the projects I've had whirling around in my head though, and some of them were SO simple, yet so effective!

Today's DIY involves the frames that we will be using to house all of the family wedding photos we've been collecting over the last year or so. I plan to share them all with you soon (I'm currently in the process of scanning in the last few that I collected from my grandmother during our trip to Umina the other week) but for now, here's the story about the frames!

Back around Christmas time, you might have recalled me mentioning that I picked about 5 or 6 red frames from Typo for half price ($5 each!) during their big sale.

Well on the weekend I picked up some black spray paint and set about testing out a coat of spray paint on one, to see whether it was going to stick! (I was a little worried that the spray paint may not adhere to the type of material the frame was made of)

As it turned out, I needn't have worried. It worked out perfectly. Here's the finished product:

The finished product compared to an original red frame:

And compared with an original black one I bought for our engagement party (and planned to reuse at the wedding) - you can barely tell the difference!

So Monday (my day off work) was spent spraying the remaining they are all lined up in a row!

I can't wait to add our family photos in and see them all displayed on our wedding day. It's great seeing our projects start to come together. More on the way really soon! Meanwhile, you may have noticed a slight tidy up of the blog and the addition of the few things in the side bar. I've added a button for anyone who would like to use one on their blog at all (you know, if you like us that much and all *shucks*) AND I've been a busy beaver creating a separate email, Twitter AND Pinterest JUST for this blog! All pictures taken by me (mostly for DIY projects, etc.) will now have a watermark in the corner and any DIY projects will be added to our Pinterest account where you can re-Pin them to your own account, so please, be sure to follow! We'll even be Pinning great ideas from fellow bloggers and plenty of wedding inspiration from Pinterest-land! Enjoy!

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