Monday, January 27, 2014

::4 months::

26/12/2013 - 26/01/2014

Weight: 5.2 kgs (clothed) & 62 cm long

Clothing Size: Slowly but surely crossing over into the 000 camp, all of your singlet jumpsuits in 0000 have been passed on to Aunty Dee for baby Kendall, but your sleeved onsies in 0000/NB still managed to fit...for the moment. You are definitely in 000 for any long sleeved jumpsuits now!

New Milestones/Firsts: First roll from back to belly on 03/01/2014! Realised you can splash in the big bath on 05/01/2014. First swimming lesson and time in the pool on 16/01/2014 and you went to the public pools for the first time the next day. You really started flipping from back and belly together repeatedly on 17/01/2014.

Loves: Violet the Dog, Lulu Ladybug and Olivia the Owl. Standing on our legs and "dancing", "jumping" and stamping your little feet! "Big" baths with Mama where you can splash and float around. Your new Sophie the Giraffe!!

Milestones I think she is close to: Sitting up! Getting first teeth...

Sleeping: The month started off very, very rough and Mama and Daddy were close to tearing their hair out - mucked up night sleep, struggles to get you to sleep during the was tough! You fight sleep so much during the day (although when you are down for the count, you sleep like a champ for an hour and a half - 2 hours) and at night your wind pain seems to be waking you up. Mama and Daddy purchased a little iPod dock CD player to play white noise and lullabies through (check out Rockabye Baby Albums...they are awesome!) in an attempt to help you snooze. Unfortunately, the upset sleeping pattern continued through most of the month and your needles on the 23/01/2014 didn't help! That night was filled with lost of crying and not much sleep for anyone. Mama has made the decision to have a nursing/sleeping vacation with you for the whole next week, in an attempt to get you used to settling yourself and getting enough sleep during the day! Let's hope it works! As I write this, you are asleep in your cot after falling asleep without being picked up for the first time in months...and as you drifted off "You and Me" came on the CD player

Favorite activity/toy: Definitely your new Sophie the Giraffe. She's been a Godsend, not only for your sore gums, but as something you will finally squeeze while nursing, to stop you pulling and scratching at Mama! You took to her straight away.

Best part about being a mum: You started giving Mama kisses on Australia Day - grabbing Mama's face and smothering her in slobber. Best. Thing. Ever.

This month we: Went to your 3rd cousin's Baptism (Mama's cousin's little girl), had your first swimming lesson/time in the pool, saw our midwife at Aunty Dee/Kendall's appointment, had your 4 month needles, celebrated your first Australia Day!

I've decided to stop monthly updates in this format and start with an open letter to my baby girl instead, so look for that next month! Thanks for reading!
-Amanda xox

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