Monday, January 06, 2014

::3 months old::

Dear Livie,

Please slow down. Please, please. You are so eager to jump ahead to every milestone, and you want so badly to just take off running that I feel like I barely have any time with my little newborn daughter. From the word go, you have always been so alert and ready to see the world and dive on in - it's wonderful but it makes me so sad to see you growing so fast. I feel that you will be such an independent little girl, whose Mama will always be mourning your lack of reliance on her. So when you do need me - those precious snuggles into a familiar body in an unfamiliar place, those 4am feeds, those chest to chest moments when only Mama's skin will calm you...those moments I treasure. For I fear you will need less and less of them, far too soon.

Try not to dive ahead too fast my baby girl. I will miss my baby too soon.

Love, Mama xxx

26/11/2013 - 26/12/2013

Weight: 4.82 kgs (clothed, 12/12) & 59 cm long (19/12)

Clothing Size: You went up a nappy size on the 30/11 and are now in infant nappies instead of newborn - a proud but sad moment! You looked so teeny in them though, it was like you were a newborn again, for a moment.

We put you in a smaller sized 000 (0-3 months) for the first time on 03.12.2013.

New Milestones/Firsts: First time at a Baby Shower (for your cousin Kendall!), first giggle! (05.12.2013), first wedding and party dress, first Christmas, and first time meeting many extended family members, including your first time meeting your Great-Grandparents and many of your Great Aunts and Uncles, at both family Christmas parties. You also started grasping at your toys (if we give them to you!) and pulling your dummy in and out of your mouth.

Loves: Your new Lullaby Bug that you got for Christmas from Great-Aunty Barbara, your butterfly play mat that Mama bought, nappy-free time!, Daddy blowing raspberries under your arm and taking selfies with Daddy's phone! (we did this in front of our Christmas Tree on Christmas Day and it made you giggle so much!!)

Milestones I think she is close to: Sounds strange to say but....crawling! You have already got the legs going, tucked up underneath your hips and moving you forward, you just can't quite get your arms working so instead you grab onto the mat and pull yourself forward while pushing with your legs (or if this doesn't work, just lunging your chest forward)! I keep telling you to stop, I need my little baby for a little while longer!!

You are also so close to roll on your belly from your back. I watched you trying so hard in your crib the other day and managed to video tape it - you were so very, very close!

Sleeping: On the 29/11 we took you back to the doctors as your reflux was playing up again - around week 8 you stopped feeding well again, you were fussing terribly and started crying during feds again, and your night time sleeps got messed up. We think you were having a growth spurt as well. We started you on Losec, a very low dose, as well as the thickener...suddenly you were sleeping amazing! You slept 8 - 10 hours at night, waking for a feed then sleeping again until 7 or 8 (another 3 or 4 hours). You also started sleeping during the day, and letting Mama know when you want to nap. I didn't know what to do with myself when you are asleep, I wasn't used to having a sleeping baby during the day!

Then, after about 4 days, we were back to our old routine (10 weeks old). No day sleeps and your night sleep even got messed up! By 11/12 your night sleeps were back to fairly normal again, although after your 6 hr stint you were suddenly eating every 2.5 hours, instead of 3 or 4 - Mama and Daddy put it down to either the heat, or a growth spurt!

The rest of the month things went downhill. Your sleeping at night time started to muck up as well as your daytime sleeps and on Christmas Eve you had the growth spurt to end all growth spurts - feeding hourly and draining your poor Mumma! Your feeding has settled down but we are still trying to get you back into your sleep routine. Some nights it works, some nights you wake up and take hours to go back to sleep. During the day, sometimes after a fight you go down and sleep for 2 hours, other days you continually keep waking up. It's all a guessing game at the moment! We think you may be teething...and your poor windy belly keeps waking you as well.

Favorite activity/toy: You love your "Violet" dog from Santa, your Jemima doll from Mama and Daddy and your "Lulu Ladybug" doll from Nanny and Poppy.

Best part about being a mum: Your grins when you first wake up from a really good sleep. Such a beautiful smile my Livie-bug!

This month we: Had a hard time with feeding again thanks to your reflux, and you really hurt Mama. We had a Lactation Consultant come out to the house to try and help... We eventually got it sorted (it seems to be more your reflux then anything else!) and you were back to feeding beautifully again. Let's hope this sticks!

Sadly, this month we also said goodbye to your Great-Poppy, Mummy's paternal grandfather. It was your first big road trip and you were beautiful, sleeping in both directions (although not once during the day!). Although it was an incredibly sad day, you bought a smile to everyone's face and all Mama's family who hadn't met you yet were thrilled to have snuggles and smiles. Your presence really helped everyone heal a little, and your Great-Nanny loves you to pieces and would have kept you if she could! I know that my Poppy would have loved you so much, his first great-granddaughter. He and Nan had been waiting for the day they had a new little girl to snuggle (as much as they love all their boys) would have made him laugh that unique little laugh of his and he would have teased you mercilessly, as he did all us girls. xxx

On a happier note, this month we celebrated Christmas with all our families and while it didn't quite *feel* like Christmas, thanks to the crazy blur of days that is our life lately, we were so thrilled to celebrate your first Christmas with you! Your 3 month mark fell on Boxing Day and so your monthly photos are Christmas themed this time!

-Amanda xox

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  1. Ohhhh, I have been on a blog hiatus catching up with working fully time, buying a house and mommy hood so I have missed out on A LOT including this beautiful baby girl!!! She is preciouuuus!!!


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