Monday, September 16, 2013

38 weeks!

08.09.2013 - 14.09.2013

How far along? 38 weeks!

Baby Size: Baby has reached their final fruit/veggie comparison of a watermelon…how cliché! Hehe

Total weight gain: Well, unless I suddenly balloon over the next 2 weeks, we’re sitting at around 12 kgs

Bump measurement: Still 101cm! I really expected my stomach to grow a lot at the end but nope, we’re staying around the same…

Maternity clothes? Yeppers! But the end is in sight! I know I will be living in breastfeeding singlets and stretchy skirts for a while, but it will be nice to switch up my wardrobe a bit in a few weeks

Stretch marks? So far, so good! Bought a new cream this week, instead of my normal Palmer’s Oil – Gaia (the brand I plan to use on Baby) Belly Butter…smells like a spa, love it!

Sleep: Crap. Only word for it. Very, very broken sleep, and after my hips behaving themselves for the most part since seeing the physio, they are back to being almost unbearably sore resulting in me tossing and turning all night. However, there’s nothing we can do about it because it appears to be as a result of all the weight and the muscles relaxing, not any tight trigger points like previously. Physio couldn’t find anything to release at my last appointment :(

Best moment this week: Feeling you react to your newborn cousin on my belly when I was having snuggles with little Kimberly. Feeling the two of you kick each other is pretty awesome, but she doesn’t bother now – it’s only you getting jealous of my snuggles hehe

Miss Anything? Sleep. And clothes that fit – not because I’m massive, but because all my maternity clothes are winter clothes and suddenly we are seeing very warm, Summer-like, Spring weather! (yes, please ignore the outfit in the photo – I didn’t realise just how big it made me look and how unflattering/awkward it was! But I was so hot I needed some kind of shorter skirt on…I need to go shopping. lol)

Movement: After well over a month of being in the same position, you spun Mama out the other day but completely flipping to the other side. It felt so strange feeling feet popping out to the other side! But it was only for 2 days and now you are back to your favourite position – back/bum slightly to the right and feet and knees continually stretching out to the left :) Not a lot of room for much more movement than that!

Food cravings: Hmmm this week Mama has been indulging in how cheap strawberries are right now! We love us some strawberries, don’t we Little Bean?

Anything making you queasy or sick: Heartburn at night often makes me feel like I’m going to throw up…but nothing else has really bothered me any more than usual at the moment

Gender: A big ol’ surprise but getting so much closer to when we get to find out!

Symptoms: Movement, heartburn, big belly haha, sore hips….Still don’t feel like we are really this far along though!

Belly Button in or out? Still in!

Wedding rings on or off? On! But getting tighter...

Mood: Content

Looking forward to: Meeting our Little Bean! But I will be sad to not be pregnant anymore…

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