Tuesday, September 10, 2013

our maternity shoot - blogged!

That's right! I'm finally sharing some of our maternity shoot...the lovely Sandra Henri has done it again :) We're in love with our photos (we received 12 digital images from this mini shoot, some which aren't in the blogpost!) and cannot wait for Sandra's session with our little bundle when they arrived. I had a hard enough time picking out our maternity images, I can only imagine how hard it will be when I have to choose pictures of our Little Bean!

Unfortunately, the direct link to our shoot appears not to be working at this stage, so I will direct link to it when it is fixed - for now here is a link to Sandra's blog, where we are the last entry. Hope you enjoy having a peek! We had such a wonderful time in the Orchard :)


  1. Stunning! You will cherish those photos forever :)

  2. We already do now we are so close to the end! I can't wait to order the prints (which we'll be doing at the same time as Baby's newborns) and put some in Baby's nursery :)

  3. OMMMG I am in love with these pictures! You are glowing and look so gorgeous (looove your outfit!) You and the hubs look so much in love! Can't believe you're soo close to the finish line!!

  4. Gorgeous!!!! I LOVE your photos :-) what great weather and lighting- you look amazing!!

  5. Thanks so much everyone!! There are some that weren't blogged that are our favourites, so I'll be sure to share them soon :) (Unless Baby makes their arrival first!)


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