Sunday, August 04, 2013

more freebies for Breastfeeding Week!

Ok guys so remember this post from a few days ago? Well, I found out today that there are a bunch of freebie deals going at Nursing Pillows sister sites as well! All you need to use is code "WTE" to get these bad boys for free as well: a sling from Seven Slings (or their gift set discounted), a breastfeeding cover from Udder Cover (or a discounted gift set), reusable Nursing Pads from Udder Cover (note: if you want both a cover and the pads you need to put through two separate orders to get each for shipping price only, otherwise you get one discounted and the other full price) or the previously mentioned Pillow from Nursing Pillows.

I should also note that when you order any of these using the "WTE" code, you will actually receive further codes for other free products on your invoice - for example, you will received a code for a free Carseat Cover on one of your invoices, as well as a few other items that may come check your invoices!!

Below is what I ordered so far (you'll notice I choose the gift pack option in some cases because I felt it was better value!) - it's been so much fun getting things I had planned to buy anyway, for cheaper! Yay for Breastfeeding! I plan to order the reusable nursing pads as well...Can't wait til all these goodies start arriving in my mailbox! 

again, I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies, nor is this a sponsored post, I merely want to share with other Mummas!

Nursing Pillow - "Hush"

Nursing Cover - "Grace" (set includes cover, 2 nursing pads and a breastfeeding band to keep track of which side you are up to!

Sling - "Cyrus" (set includes sling, baby tights and a nappy wallet)

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