Friday, August 16, 2013

friday's letters

Dear CPH,
You've been so good this whole pregnancy (well, relatively!) - don't spoil it now please! 

Dear Friday,
Thank you so very much for going so fast! As I type I have an hour left of my 10 hour shift and I could not be happier that today didn't drag...

Dear Baby,
I'm very, very sorry that you didn't like getting prodded by the midwife today and while I was entertained by your big leg stretch immediately afterwards (almost like a "well if you're going to push me in I'm going to push right back out!"), I would really appreciate it if you calmed down and stopped using my organs as a punching bag now! 

Dear Nursery Furniture,
I'm so glad you arrived when you were supposed to! It's been so fun getting organised all week...

Dear Nursery,
While it's been fun getting organised this week, I truly can't wait to start decorating you!

Dear Weekend,
I'm looking forward to another nice, quiet one with the hubs. Hurrah. :)

Dear Ashley and Jonathan,

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