Saturday, August 17, 2013

34 weeks!

11.08.2013 - 17.08.2013

How far along? 34 weeks!

Baby Size: Baby is now the size of a honeydew!

Total weight gain: Haven’t really put anything on since last fortnight, however I have a feeling that’s drastically going to change in the next few weeks!

Bump measurement: Still at 102 cm (40 inches)! I’m surprised by this as (particularly today!) Baby is really pushing out and I feel bigger. Fundal height is more though, measuring at 35!

Maternity clothes? Yep – a mix of maternity and non-maternity but I still love my over-the-bump maternity jeans and tights. Weather has started warming up, despite still being winter, so I’ve been able to break out some maxi dresses! (as seen in this weeks picture!)

Stretch marks? Nope! But still oiling up every morning and night – skin is so soft on the belly :) My physio commented on how well my skin has held up so far the other day…*shucks* I’m expecting them all to pop out a week before Baby arrives haha

Sleep: So-so! Sometimes amazing, but the last 2 nights my hips have been really hurting again…think it’s Baby getting bigger!

Best moment this week: Finally having furniture in Baby’s Nursery! I was so excited when it arrived and seeing (and helping…slightly…) it get put together. Also, I had my 34 week anti-D shot and a midwife appointment and we couldn’t help but laugh – our midwife was feeling around, curling her hands around Baby to try and work out what way they were laying and as SOON as she stopped, they stretched their legs out (I swear it was as far as they possibly could in there!) in protest. My whole side was sticking out crazily! It hurt but it was so funny…unfortunately they kept up the crazy protest movement for the rest of the day while I did 10 hours at work – ouch!
Special mention to our Calm Birth Course, which we completed at 33 weeks…but it got a post all of it’s own :)

Miss Anything? Nice, gentle movements. Baby is getting rough!

Movement: As mentioned above, Little Bean is clearly running out of room and getting stronger because OUCH, some of their movements are rough and they hurt! Particularly when they hit an internal organ… Felt them once or twice just under my ribs but thankfully it’s only when I’m in a certain position and it’s very rare.

Food cravings: Not really having any anymore! Is this common towards the end?

Anything making you queasy or sick: This has remained the same though – still don’t like BBQs or stir fries and hate the smell of cigarettes…

Gender: Less than 6 weeks to go til we know! (AND my sister has her gender scan the day after our due date, so we may be finding out our babies genders at the same time!)

Symptoms: Getting tired a lot more easily…heart burn is still around, so is my hip pain (although is still a million times better then it was before I saw the physio!). Loads of movement, rougher and sharper, and I’ve started getting “shocks” when baby’s head bounces in and out of my pelvis. Gee, that one is fun! Also, in the last 2 days I’ve started to notice a lot more pressure in my pelvis and my Braxton Hicks are starting to get stronger and feel more like actual contraction type movement, instead of just my tummy tightening and relaxing a while later. Sometimes they seem to have a peak now. Baby is not engaged, however their head is *right there* and with all these sensations I’m hoping it won’t be long until they are engaged! (hubs finds this hilarious and keeps reminding Little Bean this is the only time they are allowed to be engaged until they are 30)

Belly Button in or out? In – SUPER stretched though. Uncomfortably so! I don’t know whether it will actually poke out, or just keep on stretching sideways…hubs thinks it looks like a sad face!

Wedding rings on or off? On – with indents haha

Mood: Feeling “nesty”. I’ve always been a “nester” as such, always doing things around the house and making To-Do lists, but even I am surprised that I could actually get worse. I’ve gotten a LOT done since the nursery furniture arrived though and I’m starting to feel content…less anxious about the long “To-Do”s.

Looking forward to: The decorating in Little Bean’s room coming together…and finishing work at the end of 36 weeks! Yay!

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