Friday, September 14, 2012

sending love

I had planned to finally do a catch up post on where we are at almost two weeks out, and write up a bunch of mini DIYs I've been working on...but it all seems a little irrelevant at the moment.

Today I heard the news that my childhood best friend had lost her younger brother in a car accident yesterday. This guy went to school with my younger brother and for many years was like another annoying younger brother to me, through all the time I spent at her house (during years when neither of us really wanted annoying younger brother near us or our friends full stop!).

I haven't spoken to or seen this friend in many years, probably since we left Year 10 in 2001, when we had moved on to different friendship groups but were still friendly. Sure, we are friends on Facebook and I've watched her get married, seen her beautiful little baby boy and we've "liked" various comments and photos, but we've never really spoken.

But all of that seems irrelevant today. Because today I feel like that young girl who was her best friend, and my heart breaks for her and her family. For her parents, who will now be mourning the loss of a child. For her and her siblings, both blood and in-law, who will be mourning the loss of a brother, and for her son, and her sister's children who will be mourning the loss of their youngest uncle, some without even knowing what it really means.

He really was a genuinely nice guy and everyone is so shocked by his sudden loss. I'm sending my love and prayers through to them and hoping that somehow they all can feel it. I know that everyone else in my grade, who grew up with Jess, and everyone who grew up with Tim, would be doing the same thing. We have all been touched my tragedy many times, sadly, in our school lives, and one thing we know how to do, and do well, is bond together for each other. Hopefully they can all feel the love that we are all sending their way today. And find strength in each other.

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