Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a wedding catch up post

So I've dropped out of Blogging Land for a bit, but with good reason. Outside of everything mentioned in the last couple of posts, I've also been dealing with tonsillitis for the last 7 days, (which I've been trying very hard to get rid of before next week!) attending baby showers, birthday celebrations and concerts (I saw Hanson with my SIL for my belated birthday 12 year old self was in her happy place!) AND we have been working very hard to knock a bunch of things off our To Do List!

Following my countdown checklist post at the one month mark, I created a thorough "To Do" list of things left. We've managed to cross a good many off and by tomorrow, a good many more will be gone!

Included in this was making our favours and candles with the lovely Laina on the 5th of September - it was a lot of fun and I managed to sneak in some cuddles with the pretty Miss Talei as well.

I also managed this quick mock up of our ceremony table with my Mum. Please excuse the exercise equipment in the background and the lack of table cloth (we picked that up the next day!). There is also a distinct lack of signs. The Program sign was made a while ago but I still have to make the signs for the two hat boxes (they aren't actually hat boxes, but that is the way they are shaped and it's just easy to refer to them as such!). It's also hard to see how pretty the tealight holders are in this picture - there will be close ups of them later I'm sure!

Today I visited both our little flower girls to make sure their shoes fit them, started making all of our placecards, made a mock up of our ceremony programs (we still need to decide on one more piece of music before I can finish them off and start making them all!) and had a relaxing, much needed coffee break with my MoH. Tomorrow I have my pre-wedding hair cut, I'm buying all the cardstock for our programs, spray painting 1 frame that's a little scratched up, spray painting our chandelier and decorating it, going jewellery shopping with my Mum, hopefully picking up our rings and finishing off our placecards. If I have time, I might get a chance to get started on decorating/writing up our seating chart!

I just realised I haven't told you our entertaining ring story...well, it would be less entertaining if we hadn't (luckily) had time to sort it out. I had received a phonecall to say that both my rings had arrived, but the future hubs hadn't yet (when we ordered mine, we ordered my eternity ring at the same time - it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I won't be wearing it, it will be in the hubs keeping until the right time!). Well, when I went in to try mine on, the future mister came down and they double checked his wasn't there. Turned out it was, but the girls had thought that it WASN'T because the supplier had sent the complete WRONG size - it was SO BIG that the staff had thought that someone had simply put a display ring in the bag to mark that one had been ordered (as they sometimes do that during stocktake and they had just completed stocktake). Oh my. There was no way this ring was fitting my poor guy's finger. And because he has ordered a Tungsten ring, they are not able to be resized, new rings have to be ordered when you want a new size. So the store had to contact the supply and tell them off for their mistake, alert them to the fact that our wedding was 3 weeks away at this point, and get them to send out a new ring. They apologised and I was told on the 12th that the ring was apparently shipped on that day (I dropped my e-ring in for cleaning and re-dipping on the 12th). So it should be arriving this week for us to pick up with my e-ring and my band. We purposely left my band in store to collect them all together. SO, the plan is to do all that tomorrow. *fingers crossed* Otherwise my poor man will be wearing a stand-in ring from the store on wedding day...

....SINCE today we are officially 10 days out! Oh my! Where did the last few weeks go? They certainly snuck up us! It's so exciting yet so surreal at the same time...I have one day left at work, then 3 glorious weeks off. 2 of which will be spent chilling with my new hubby. Can't wait!

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