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recap: the reception...part one!

Saturday, 29th September, 2012

The party to end all parties, where time flew by and I felt like I wanted to be everywhere at once! Our reception truly seemed to go by in the blink of an eye but was so incredibly wonderful...I will try not to share too many photos, as many of them are of people you don't know, eating, dancing and posing. But I wanted to share those from our speeches, cake cutting and of course, our first dance. Enjoy!

(Please note that I'm super nervous about sharing Sandra's work here but I don't want to watermark her gorgeousness. All the following photos are the work of Sandra Henri Photography and are not to be taken, copied, used or edited in any way without permission from Sandra. Steal them and claim them as your own and we will bust your butt evil copy-right violation people!)

The Entrances!

Our Bridal Party danced on in to "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO - a lot of fun! - and the new Mr & Mrs entered to "Fight for You" by Jason DeRulo - a little nod to the hubs and his South African heritage...get it? ;) Hehe

having a good look at all the family wedding photos on display...parents, grandparents, great-grand parents and I even managed to get one of my GREAT-great grandparents on my mum's side! my grandmother in particular LOVED this...

I just adore this picture of my parents...30+ years of marriage, I hope one day we are doing this at our children's weddings!

The Speeches!

my dad was up first...a lovely speech but kept light enough that thankfully I didn't cry...

next up was my father-in-law, who had everyone in stitches! he isn't a fan of public speaking and came organised with everything written out for him this time (unlike my sister-in-law's wedding where he tried out 'off the cuff'!)...he lost his place and made a few faux paus that cracked everyone up and made his speech very memorable!

then came the best man speech...yes, that is a bowl of keys in front of me! I should have seen this coming (I had seen it done before after all!) but I was oblivious until all the gentlemen in the room I was NOT related to began bringing keys to place in the bowl that staff so kindly provided at my brother-in-law's request - they were all asked to return the keys to my room as I was now a married lady! (hilariously funny, but slightly awkward when the group includes ex-boyfriend's and friend's husbands!!! haha, it was a lot of fun)

my brother-in-law then handed the mike back to the best man, who hinted (with a selection of items such as a lollipop and a glove...don't ask!) at rather embarrassing stories from the hub's buck's night, much to said hubs dismay!

and lastly, my wonderful maid of honour's speech. this one bought me to tears. full of stories, memories from the 25+ (yes, you read that right!) years we have known each other and hope for the future, this one was a giggler and a tear jerker all in one. annie had filled a vintage suitcase full of items from our years together, including our preschool jumpers, primary school uniform and the matching lunch box/drink bottle we had to have matching lunches in and our senior high uniforms. I have no idea how I will ever top this speech for her one day!! I best start planning now.

after speeches we had a little surprise for our flower girl Emily, who's birthday was the day before our wedding! she had a little help from little Miss Violet to blow out her candles...then all they wanted to do was get back to swirling! such girly girls...

the role of saying some words of thanks fell to me, as my poor hubby had almost completely lost his voice at this point of the night! I didn't have anything prepared and thought I did pretty ok...but I still cringe when I hear the video!

then it was time to cut our beautiful cake

...To Be Continued...

Next Up: The Reception...Part Two!

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