Sunday, February 24, 2013

recap: details - the dress! (and other bridal details)

Saturday, 29th September, 2012

So here is where I finally reveal my wedding dress! You saw us getting ready, now here's the final product!

(Please note that I'm super nervous about sharing Sandra's work here but I don't want to watermark her gorgeousness. All the following photos are the work of Sandra Henri Photography and are not to be taken, copied, used or edited in any way without permission from Sandra. Steal them and claim them as your own and we will bust your butt evil copy-right violation people!)

hanger available from this Etsy store

my gorgeous clutch, from this Etsy store

hair clip and my earrings (which we thought were lost at the end of the weekend! but they were my husband's pockets. where I told him they would be...)

my extra special watch that was given to me at 16 by my grandmother, who couldn't be present. It was given to HER at 16 also. You will see more of it later...Also, the lucky pennies that the hubs and I wore in our shoes, from this Etsy store.

my garter (which was actually blue lace!) can be found at this Etsy store

What do you think? I love my dress so much...As I'm sure all brides do! I hope to wear her again one day...that would be amazing :)

Next Up: Details - The Flowers...

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  1. Such a beautiful dress Amanda! You looked beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Laura. I really appreciate it. I truly felt as I hoped I would on this day - myself, but lovely :) It's such a nice feeling!


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