Friday, February 08, 2013

I'm baaaaack!

I know, I know, you've all been terribly anxious to know where I am...just kidding! Truth be told, the hubs and I haven't been home much since Christmas, and not being home = not having access to personal computer = no access to personal files/photos = no blog recaps! In fact, it meant I couldn't really blog, fullstop! But we are home and I hope to get stuck into these recaps soon so that I can move this blog into it's new realm of existence!

But where have I been? Well, nowhere terribly exciting, but at the same time, we had a lovely break. See, we've been house sitting! As mentioned about a year or so before the wedding, the hubs and I decided to move in with my parentals, to save up for our own place. The lovely Miss Laina's parents went on holidays recently, just after Christmas, and knowing we were doggy-loving newlyweds living at home, they asked us to watch their home and doggy-sit for them while they were gone. 2 whole weeks with 3 cute doggies, a 2 story house to ourselves and a pool. Not much more you could ask for over summer!

We had a lovely time watching the doggies and chilling out, only to return home and miss the freedom of our own place a little! However, a week later we were contacted by the family's friend and neighbour, Shell, who was ALSO going away, for 10 days this time, and asked if we would like to watch her place and doggies! Of course we were up for it. Her two little doggies were also cuties and we enjoyed our stay with them as well.

So most of our January was spent away from home and having some lovely husband and wife time. We're back home now so February should be the start of some more action here on the blog! I hope you guys aren't a) fed up waiting for recaps or b) fed up of wedding talk in general. But I promise to get a move on! I didn't originally intend for so many recaps (we aren't even up to the ceremony yet!) but we have so many amazing photos and memories I want to do them justice in remembrance. I hope you all don't mind holding on for a little longer! Then there will likely be a lot of exciting things happening as our life moves forward, into getting our own place and hopefully some crafts, recipes and general life talk!

I'm so glad to have you guys along for the ride that will be 2013!


  1. I'm so glad you two were able to have some time together and get a taste of what it'll be like when you get your own place. Here's to a great 2013 and I'm def. looking forward to more wedding recaps!

    1. Oh yes, we didn't realise how much we missed our own place until we housesat! But we plan to be in our own place by September this year so...not too long to wait!

      Happy 2013!!


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