Tuesday, December 06, 2011

the holy grail of DIY menu projects...

Yep, today I stumbled upon what seems to be the Holy Grail of the DIY wedding world when it comes to menu projects...this little beauty:

Early on in my venture into Wedding Blog World (hereafter referred to as WBW) I sighted many a pretty menu using this cute little hole punch... Along with many requests from fellow brides about where they could get one of their very own! I thought it looked really classy on the bottom of a wedding menu, as did most of the WBW clearly, since it appeared that for all intents and purposes it was becoming quite hard to get your hands on one! I gave up on the idea of locating one (not that I tried particularly hard!) since it seemed like a lost cause...

... Until today. When there was one itty bitty lonely punch, staring at me from the bottom rung of hole punches in my local Lincraft store. I think it was meant to be. Nevermind that our venue is actually making our menus! I'll find a way to make sure they use this little pretty (and get it back to me!), even if I offer to punch them myself...

I actually went in to buy a heart punch. Oh well. It can come next.

Anyone have some pleasant surprises during your DIY projects??



  1. oh em gee what a find!!! that's so awesome...I have heard mannnny brides out there looking for something like this..I'll have to refer them all to this post! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. I saw this post when you originally posted it. And immediately set out to find out. I looked everywhere. Scoured dozens of websites. And then realized not only did you say where you found it, but there is also a website on the packaging. It took me about 30 seconds to find it! Oy! BUT I found it... thank you!!!

  3. Spoke too soon. They only ship to Australia.

  4. Ooooh shame! Where do you live? Maybe I can ship one to you?


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