Thursday, December 15, 2011

hair inspiration

I've been rather MIA this week and I apologise - busy weekend and 10 hr shifts don't leave much time for blogging! A little insight into my weekend though - we took a friend into the city for a night of dinner, drinks and dancing for her birthday. We're such awesome friends, we even arranged for the Harbour to have fireworks - just for Erin *cough*

Ok so maybe not, but it was pretty cool to get off the train after dinner to see this sight!

MoH and I

Moh, Me and the Birthday Girl!

Back to wedding news though - I'm quite excited to have won this amazing hair clip from Laura over at Saying I Do! Since I've gone my whole life without winning a thing, it seems like all my luck has been saved for wedding planning!

If you checked out the original post by Laura about this giveaway, you'll recall that 2 lucky ladies (Laura and the previous winner, Mrs. Recessionista) have already won this beauty but never ended up wearing it on their wedding day as it didn't work with their chosen hairstyles.

That leads me to a new post discussion - wedding hairstyles! I have a number of hair inspiration pictures saved on my computer, most of them soft, romantic up-dos but a few looser, half-up/half-down pics. However, this pretty style is the main contender at the moment and gives me hope that the pretty little hair clip above will finally get it's chance to shine!!

[source unknown]

In fact, most of the up-do's I have save lend themselves to including a pretty hair adornment -

[source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

[source unknown]

I'm definitely leaning towards the softer up-do look. I have to admit, Taylah Swift in her Romeo and Juliet filmclip was definitely my original inspiration -

[source unknown]

I do like the way this style works with a veil AND the flower, although I think I would be more inclined to put my veil under my hair-do, rather then over.


BUT just in case I change my mind, I do have some longer hairstyles saved...

[sources unknown]

How did you guys go about choosing your hairstyle? Was it led by your dress? An accessory? Or just a favourite style?

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  1. You have a beautiful face, go for the upstyle! The first photo is so gorgeous! x


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