Saturday, March 16, 2013

recap: arriving at the ceremony!

Saturday, 29th September, 2012

After we distributed our flowers, and the photographers finished up with my Bridal Portraits and headed down to take photos of the guys, we ladies waited in my hotel room for the phone to ring to say it was time to meet our coordinator down in the lobby. It's crazy to say that I still felt absolutely no nerves. Just a peaceful calm.

The phone call finally came and we were on the move! The girls grabbed a hold of my dress, we made our way down the stairs and on the way got to peek into our reception room, which was about halfway set up. Oh my, it was exciting to see that coming to life!

As we headed to the entrance of the Sebel, Rebecca (our coordinator) had us stand behind the wall as some guests were still entering the Chapel. That was pretty exciting, knowing that just over there, everyone was waiting for us!

We got the all clear and headed up to the Chapel. My sister-in-law was out front with my little niece, (flower girl Tamzyn!) who was pushing around a pram and dolly, waiting for us. As soon as she saw us, Kimmy burst into tears. That was the first time I got teary! I remember calling out to her, "Kimberley Le Roux, you stop that or you're going to make me cry!"

And so we all lined up, waiting for our music cue to head on into the Chapel and start the beginning of the rest of my life...

I love looking at the photos below, not only because they capture my memories, but because they give me glimpses into what I missed while we were waiting to head to the Chapel!

(Please note that I'm super nervous about sharing Sandra's work here but I don't want to watermark her gorgeousness. All the following photos are the work of Sandra Henri Photography and are not to be taken, copied, used or edited in any way without permission from Sandra. Steal them and claim them as your own and we will bust your butt evil copy-right violation people!)

my grandparents, partnering up for the day as each of their spouses couldn't come :: my handsome groom :: my groom and his mother

our arrival :: our priest, Rev. Ronald Birksmith

me and my daddy

pure excitment


Next Up: Details: The Ceremony...

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